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On Thursday 13th of February, I headed down to London in preparation for Valentines day. Okay I lie, I was there to get ready for the always amazing London Fashion Week AW14! Something that is absolutely essential during this ever so tiring (though ever so fabulous) week is a relaxed evening with a good nights sleep ready for the following day’s shenanigans – I didn’t fancy travelling an hour there and back each day! Enter my life saving hotel. I’ve stayed in many’a Premier Inn (good ol’ Lenny Henry) and I was ecstatic when they offered to put me up for the week! During LFW I spent my nights at the County Hall Premier Inn (that’s right, the one NEXT TO the London Eye, and a 2 minute cab ride to Somerset House) and it’s safe to say Kavita (shewearsfashion), Meg (MegsBoutique) and I loved every minute! It’s always fun room sharing, plus – you can imagine the masses of clothes and shoes that filled up our hotel room!

Location //
As you can imagine, being in a hotel room that overlooks the London eye was absolutely stunning. Once lit at night, it becomes a whole different atmosphere. We had the pleasure of dining in the restaurant one evening and the ambiance was perfect! Waking up and looking outside to the Eye against the sky (poet eh?) was gorgeous also! The ‘home’ of LFW is of course Somerset House – a short 20 minute walk from the hotel (or, if you’re wearing heels – a 2 minute cab trip) which proved a winner during the week. I have to say, walking or cab-ing, it’s a gorgeous view. A third option however would of course be a super fast tube ride straight from Waterloo to Temple – right next to SSH! It was such a relief to be able to arrive early without rushing due to being so close – and after a long, long day; we didn’t have to think about a long journey home – we could just walk to the County Hall Premier Inn and jump into bed!

#GoodNightGuarantee? //
YES. I cannot tell you how important it is to refuel yourself for the next day ahead, and I knew each night I’d be foolish not to get under the covers at a reasonable time – and even when I didn’t (Oops…) I still had a much needed good nights sleep! I was a bit worried due to the popular location/restaurants nearby that we would be disturbed during sleep, but it’s fair to say we slept like babies – even through our alarms! There were a few extra pillows and extra bedding just to ensure we were comfy (I’m a two pillow kinda gal!), plus, if like us you think about fashion over weather, you will want those extra blankets! Plus, your much coveted Costa is just downstairs! I think I consumed a hot chocolate every night… no regrets!

Breakfast //
I think each morning we were more excited about going down to breakfast than we were about the fashion-y day ahead! In past experience, LFW is not a time where you can eat regularly – things get so busy and you somewhat forget about your essential needs… Not to fear! Each morning we indulged in the all you can eat breakfast (filling us til dinner time!) which included a full on fry-up, croissants, muffins, toast, crumpets, fruit, cereal, yogurt, and pretty much everything else you could imagine in a breakfast; including juice of course – and many veggie options!

As you can imagine, a room with three Youtubers and Bloggers only required one thing – LE INTERNET. We were kindly given access to free WiFi which was incredibly fast and easy to access! However, it’s £3 for 24 hours which is pretty bargainous compared to prices elsewhere! It’s easy to purchase (I’ve done it many times before!) right from your hotel room when you need it, via paypal or card – so if like me you get into your pj’s straight away on arrival, you don’t have to go downstairs! Although that didn’t put me off getting my Twirl from the vending machine downstairs to satisfy my 2 AM chocolate craving…

Staff //
As always at a Premier Inn, lovely lovely staff. We were always helped with bags, kindly called the taxi’s for us, and always welcomed us ‘home’ with a smile!


Thank you so much to everyone at the County Hall Premier Inn! I don’t know what we’d have done without you – other than be stressed and not sleep very well! A really relaxing stay at an amazing location – if you guys are planning a tourist-y trip to the capital or are planning for LFWSS15 I definitely recommend this as a great place to stay. I don’t think I can fault it (BUT, be warned if you are a ‘I don’t wake up until the afternoon’ kind of person, the housekeeping knock occurs quite early!).

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