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Valentines day is approaching, and if you’re a single pringle like yours truly, jewellery doesn’t look likely.

Something that my (singleton) friends and I have done for years now is either buy each other a gift, or buy ourselves one – as a reminder that we are loved regardless. I thought I’d show you what I purchased for someone I’m learning to love – moi! (corny eh?) – Though, if you’re a bloke, *waves*, and you are yet to have a gift for your girly (or a friend! Whoever you love), this could be of some help for you too.

I turned 19 at the end of January, and received a H.Samuel gift card, and decided on the day I would get myself a little something for Valentines – here are my beautiful selections! First off a sterling silver floral thumb ring. A perfect addition to my fingers, it looks beautiful and with the knowledge it won’t turn my finger green, I love it all the more.

Secondly is the outline heart necklace. This means a lot as it resembles my little finger tattoo, which signifies I’m loved, I have the ability to love, I deserve love, and that I must love and accept myself – something that would be of great significance to anyone. So, if you’re not quite set on a tatt, a necklace is the way to go. The heart – on a delicate silver chain – hangs on its side, adding that bit of character on your décolletage.

Third and finally, a necklace my Mum had wanted to gift me for my 19th Birthday – a St Christopher.
St Christopher is venerated as a patron saint of travellers. His prayer and assistance is often invoked by those undergoing long or dangerous journeys.’

All of my pieces are actually still available here –

I’m incredibly happy with all of my selections! So, if you don’t have a significant other to treat you this Valentines, treat yourself!



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