On The Go Essentials


I’m one of those people that carries their life in their bag – or at least tries to! Recently, the ‘micro’ bag has made it’s way into my bag collection (about six) and I’ve somewhat struggled to take all of my comforts with me.

I compiled a list of my necessities and realized a lot of them were more ‘comforts’ – thus resulted in this capsule selection, for any little bag / big bag that you don’t fancy needlessly rummaging through pointless objects. ‘I’ve lost my phone, I’ve lost it, no seriously this time… oh, here it is, with my rolling pin and tripod’ no more!

1// Comb
This is an absolute must for me – or a tangle teaser – due to the amount of hair I have. Since having the addition of a fringe, it’s quite necessary to comb it throughout the day, thanks wind! Plus, it can ‘refresh’ you from a long day of non exciting hair, to make it somewhat neater – yay! A comb takes up next to no amount of space, so it’s pretty much ideal.

2// PhoneΒ + Portable Charger
We all need our phone – if it’s not in my bag it’s in my hand, which can result it running out of battery rather fast (oh iPhone…). This is why it’s essential to carry around a portable charger – mine isn’t shown, but I actually got mine from Primark for Β£4, and it does just the trick. I’m lost without it, especially after a long day in the city. Without my iPhone/charger, how would I find out train times? How would I calculate the taxi cost? How would I find the nearest Costa? How would I update Twitter and Instagram?! I dread to think.

3// Travel Card Case
Ah, my beloved rose gold card case. This holds my current train tickets, my oyster card, my debit card, my rail card, and what I call an ’emergency fiver’. Urm… safe to say I’d be pretty ‘screwed’ without this!

4// Hair Grip(s)
If my hair is up, this is crucial. Goodness knows why I photographed one, when in reality I stuff about twenty in my bag, to be on the safe side! Rarely are they used, but sometimes my messy bun becomes too too messy, so I grab a little hair grip. I think this is where grips actually go – multiple bags – maybe there is no such thing as the hair grip fairy…

5// Lipstick of the day
I have done so well to not take makeup out with me everywhere no. All except for the lipstick I’m wearing that day. I realized that when I didn’t have it, I didn’t eat or drink because I worried my lipstick would come off, which causes me to lick my lips a lot (because you can, when you’re not wearing lippy!) and my lips would be sore and bright red – crazy me huh?! So just to avoid that strange situation, I pack my lipstick! Now I can eat and drink – yayz.

6// Lip Balm
Just in case I’ve lost the lippy, forgotten it, used it, or simply have sore lips (which is always), I pack a lip balm. My favourite of the moment is the Nivea Soft Rose lip butter stick – not only does it sooth, but it also tints, thus acting as a substitute lipstick – hurrah!

7// Vlogging Camera
I don’t ever pack my SLR in my ‘on the go bag’ – breakage, non?! So I take the next best thing, my vlogging camera. I can take photos, and videos, PLUS it has wifi. It also pushes me to vlog my life for my vlog channel (BeccaRoseTV) which I’m still slacking at *tap on hand*.

8// Earphones
To listen to music on the go from my phone – simples!

9// Filofax
My one true love. This is so important for me as I’m a huge planner – an hourly planner – and this is written for hourly schedules – perfection! It keeps me in the know of what I’m supposed to be doing, when and where, but also acts a my diary.

10// Glasses
So that I can see! If my eyes get tired / irritated from my lenses, I pop them out and pop on my fabulous glasses. If not, I wouldn’t be able to see… literally. OR, if I want to hide my face somewhat – glasses!

11// Perfume
Okay, so I included two here. A mini is always in my bag – currently Marc Jacobs Daisy – but, if I’m not wearing that, I’m not a fan of perfume blending. So, I’d also pop in the perfume of that day. I think the mini is just there as… support!

12// Mirror

So those are my on the go essentials – let me know what yours are! Though try not to tempt me into returning to over-packing!



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