Capsule Makeup Bag: The Touch-Up Edit



In this video I show you my cult beauty products I take with me on the go. If I’d have done this video a few months ago, it would have been the majority of my collection (I wanted to be prepared!) – but now, I simply take what I like to call my ‘capsule makeup bag’ – the absolute necessities (for me anyway!) to stay ‘made up’ throughout the day. This would apply to my 8AM – 10PM days in London, full of events, meetings, and just Youtube related shenanigans! I never know where I’ll end up when I’m with my blogger/youtuber buddies – sometimes more eyeliner is a must!

What would you take in yours?

P.S Look how adorbs my Marc Jacobs makeup bag (or cosmetics pouch) is?! You can get one here.



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