Perfect Brows With Le Sourcil De Chanel


Eyebrows can make or break a face. For me, I need eyebrow action. My brows are both bold and thick, the only thing lacking is the perfect colour – they’re quite fair. They’re an ashy light brown shade, and yes, you can see them without being filled in – but I still feel like I’m one of those celebs you find on Tumblr with their eyebrows photo-shopped out! My hair is quite dark, and the non-filled in brow creates quite the contrast!

A few years ago, I went through the ‘I know lets draw them on with eyeliner’ phase – not a good phase to go through but we’ve all done it! That then moved on to a soft brown brow pencil – still not feeling it. I then began using a brown eyeshadow powder; Natural Collection’s ‘Crushed Walnut’. It did the job, and cost about £1.00, so it worked for me. I recently found however my brow routine was taking longer than it needed to be – the problem with powder is you create many steps for yourself: shaping, filling, setting (brow mascara) etc etc – and I’d tried a few ‘waxy’ products that just looked… awful! So, back to the brown eyeshadow I went!

I’ve found myself wandering around high end makeup counters recently – something I never thought would happen – but with spending a lot time with the likes of the complete beauty queen that is Arabella,  I’ve been coveting products with a higher price tag. Seeing how certain products look on the face in comparison to drugstore products, it just blew my mind ever so slightly, and I came up with the (obvious) conclusion that a higher price means higher quality. That’s right – I’ve delved into the world of high end #sorrynotsorry – though, me being me, I’m still a druggie (urm… drugstore-er) at heart!

After making a few purchases at various counters, I found myself staring at this brow compact. The makeup artist didn’t hesitate to do my eyebrows, showing me how it would look (a rather nerve-racking experience, someone else in control of my eyebrows!). It was completed in next to no time, and I loved it. The colour was perfect – using a mix of the two darker shades achieved the perfect colour, complete with the lighter shade that is perfect for those sparser areas you don’t want to look too ‘blocky’. I decided there and then it was to come home with me – I photographed it straight away (you’ll understand why in a moment).

Le Sourcil de Chanel; a wonderful little compact of three brow powders in shades ranging from light brown to soft black. The compact is classic Chanel black and includes a large, slightly magnified mirror – making it fabulously useful. It also includes a tiny, very well-designed pair of tweezers, a brow groomer, and a miniature brow brush – which I would usually dismiss, but they’re incredibly usable.  It’s very portable should you feel the need to carry your brow grooming kit with you (I do! Is that bad?!), plus, there is no need to bring along additional brushes, as those included are perfect for on-the-go use.

As for the actual powder, it’s a good’un. It’s extremely hard and almost waxy (and satin-y!) in consistency – almost needing to be scraped onto the brush (hence why I photographed it before use, you wouldn’t want to see it now!). It takes a little getting used to and there is a learning curve for application, but the slight stickiness is what helps it adhere to the skin and hair and makes it last all day. The colors can be blended together to achieve a perfect match for just about anyone except those who need red tones. This set is definitely pure neutral, ashy, and leaning toward cool. I use the medium brown and the soft black together to get the look I like, with extra touches of the black where I want more definition.

Basically – I love this.

What are your fave brow products?



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