Shapewear: Up Your Body Confidence


I’m not one to hide the little tricks I do, least of all the world of form-fitting shapewear! I used to be a daily wearer, now however, I only wear them once in a while to give me extra confidence in a form fitting outfit – and that it does! We all know secret of looking good comes from feeling good – starting from the ‘foundation’. A piece of well-fitting shapewear underneath that dress you’re still a bit nervous to wear, can be that push you need in the right direction to confidence!

Though, I’m sure (just like me!) you’d rather up your confidence by browsing the likes of Topshop and finding a beautiful new dress – besides, it can be quite confusing with all the different silhouettes and varying levels of control. BUT, instead of just breathing in when I want a bit of body concealing confidence, I just reach for one of my pairs of amazing-ness! All from a collection by Cupid Fine, exclusively stocked on ShapeWear.

‘Cupid Fine shapewear is a US premium store brand of shapewear created 15 years ago. The
products are made exclusively in the company’s own US factories to protect the technology, the
quality and the superior fit of the garments. The company has over 70 years’ experience in (shapewear) collective design, fabric, and technological advances.
All products feature the patented Wonderful Edge technology, ensuring no lines and no ride and are
made from smooth non-cling fabrics. It is the number two shapewear vendor in Nordstrom, Dillard’s, and Bloomingdale’s, after SPANX and before WACOAL’.



  • i have a college ball coming up on friday and EVERYTHING seems to be just emphasizing my stomach! need to get some of these asap!! there’s nothing wrong with wearing support underwear, or wearing non-support underwear, or wearing no underwear (each to their own!) – whatever makes you feel beautiful and confident and happy is good!!!

  • Becca your body is gorgeous but sometimes we all need an extra bit of confidence! I’m sure this makes you look even more stunning xx

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