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I’m in America – so it only makes sense to rekindle my love for Ardell – America’s largest lash brand. I picked up four from the range; two old favourites (the Demi Wispies and the Individuals) as well as some exciting new releases! I also came across a tool that you lash-applying-strugglers will thank me for!

As soon as I’m back in the UK and able to upload videos, I’m going to put together a video featuring four different makeup looks – using all of these lash kits – aiming to compliment each eye shape and lash style – I can’t wait! If you have any suggestions for different looks you think would go with a style of lash; I’d love to hear them! I’ve already had a play with the new releases and I’m excited to further dabble in different looks! They’ll all be very ‘Becca’, as in, ‘safe’ makeup looks! The Demi Wispies and Individuals however; this isn’t my first time – I’d forgotten how much I loved them! The best thing about Ardell – the lashes are so soft and comfy to wear, you’ll forget you have falsies on!

An Ardell best seller and probably my favourite of the bunch. These Ardell classics are ever popular among the blogging/youtuber community – I first heard about them during my pre-youtube days! These are the lashes that we all wish our own looked like; long and thick. Whenever I wear these, I get asked ‘are those your lashes?!’ aka ‘they look natural but they’re like, perfect?!’ which is the type of look I enjoy! I add a light coat of mascara to give even more of a ‘real’ vibe – but never waterproof! If you’ve applied mascara just soak the lashes in water and they’re as good as new!
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Another Ardell golden oldie – add instant volume in certain areas (or all over!) and instant length. The flared design are perfect to compliment a cat-eye makeup look, or to elongate and enlarge the eyes. I love the individual lashes as you can custom-make your ideal look, as well as not worrying if your eye shape ‘won’t work’ with certain lash shapes. My favourite way of wearing these is just to apply a few individuals to the outer half of my eyes – love it!
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A new addition to the Ardell range, the chocolate lashes! I’m so excited for these as the mix of black and brown create a more subtle, natural makeup look with results looking warmer rather than ‘extreme’ black. As a past user of ‘brown black’ mascaras, I was delighted to see it in the form of falsies! The Chocolate Lashes (style 888) are tapered and flared, resulting in a fluttery yet subtle eye look – I can’t wait to show you the makeup I have planned for these! Coming soon on my Youtube channel!
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Again, new in, and I’m SO excited for these! The Curvy lashes are fuller, with a sweeping flared lash design – and super black – so when you’re feeling more ‘all focus is on the eyes’ – these are perfect! They add instant fullness to my lashes and create a more ‘open’ eye! I tried the 415 style!
‘Curves are in, skinny lashes are out! This new collection features lashes with a unique curve shape that is shorter near the inner corner of the eye and flared at the edge. Add fullness and open up your eyes with a sexy, cat-eye look’
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So. You’ve heard the low down; but what about the usual ‘dreaded’ application?! Lashes can be literally impossible to apply. When I first experimented with falsies I tried, failed and gave up, thinking I’d never bother. I’ve somewhat mastered my own technique, managing to get lashes on for different occasions (as long as I set up enough time to attempt application!) however with the new Ardell dual applicator, my lash life is so much easier! Lash application has been the primary barrier preventing regular wear – if this applies to you – you have to try this! Apply the lashes with the curved end, and then use the pink angled rubber tip to secure them in place – we don’t want any slippage! You don’t end up with glue on your fingers, and this tool is so much less scary that using tweezers! I’ll be using this in the tutorial I mentioned earlier – as well as whenever my lash wearing needs take over!
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Have you ever tried Ardell? I bought mine in the US but you can buy any of these from OneStopBeauty and larger Tesco stores!
How would you style each pair? What look would you go for? Where and when would you wear them?!



  • I think this is such a good post, really informative! I’m kinda useless with falsies but I’m considering giving the little individual lashes a go 😀 thank you very much! xx

  • Are these the lashes you wear usually?! I love them, they seem relatively affordable too! How much can you reuse them before having to bin them?

    Love this post, going to HAVE to purchase the Demi Wispies.

  • i am absolutely in love with ardell. here in canada, they are huge as well.
    and i really do like them, because they’re long lasting and they don’t look as fake as others do.
    they fit quite nicely, i think.

    love your blog, becca. <3

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