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Guess who’s back? Back again?!

Hello! Firstly, blog readers, sorry! I’ve had many discussions recently with fellow jugglers of Youtube and a blog, and have come to the conclusion that finding the balance is hard! Especially those of us who are primarily Youtubers. I’ve decided however to get my bottom in gear and continue my usual Youtube schedule, but to also blog a few times a week also (I feel this could be a sentence I have to say many times, when failing the balance!)

Today I have an outfit post – which is actually from LFW back in September. Being one of my favourite casual looks, I decided to post this one. The others can however be seen within a LFW Lookbook video here.

As always, I opted for a top to toe monochrome look – minus the pink sunglasses! I’ve never worn a fedora with my hair up before, and it was actually a beautiful mistake; Tasha (Green) and I were wandering to breakfast from our hotel, and I decided I was far to hot with all my hair down, so put it up in a low pony whilst we ate. I then went to take it down, but caught a glimpse of my reflection and thought ‘I quite like it!’, so up it stayed! I paired a swing blouse with my beloved monochrome grid trousers, and some little ankle boots – as well as my current go-to Primark bag! What do you think? What would you have done differently?

If you like any of the items I’m wearing / would like to investigate (shop!), I’ve popped them here in an easier fashion – as well as some similar / cheaper alternatives just incase you were interested! Just click the image!





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