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With the sense of Autumn in the air, it’s time to bring out the capes! It’s not yet cold enough for coats, but capes are a perfect transitional alternative – you may be seeing a lot of them from me… Oh, and what’s this?! Becca’s wearing JEANS?! Sure am! If you’ve watched my channel for a while, you may well know I have only ever owned one pair of jeans, and even then perhaps wore them once before I decided ‘I would rather be able to bend my legs then wear these jeans’. These jeans however, are a game changer, and may or may not have been part of my outfit every other day since I purchased them. Maybe.

I’m very easily influenced by other people in the community – whether it be Instagram, youtube, or a blog. This instance is no different! I’m a huge fan of all things E J Style, and I came across a post I’d usually skip, but seeing as it was Emma, I decided to give her denim post with New Look a read. Let’s just say, her words and her photo’s encouraged me to purchase (and keep, and wear) three out of the five pairs she featured – oops! Actually not ‘oops’, it’s brilliant being able to wear them, jeans are such a staple that can be paired with anything, I’ve just never found the perfect pair – until now! They are all so comfortable, are a perfect fit, length, and just what I wanted!

This black pair are my favourite, coming in second are these flares (which my mum also purchased!), and then a classic high waisted blue denim pair – which I’m yet to wear – such rhyme!

Moving on from denim, I need to talk to you about this bag. It’s from the website Graceship who specialise in large, ‘commuter’, laptop bags, perfect for so many – businesswomen, students, bloggers/youtubers, in-flight carry on, you get the idea! Named after cities, mine is the LONDON bag – it’s a beautiful tan/camel colour, which I was rather surprised by how much I loved it and chose it over black (woah!) – but it’s safe to say I’m over the moon that I decided to go for a colour for once. It’s perfect for me in so many ways, and has become my London companion for both commuting but also transporting bits and pieces to and from the city – MacBook, SLR Camera, the list is endless, it fits it all! Plus, it looks amazing with all outfits! Below you can see the inside of the bag, and their given suggestions; if however you’re looking for something a bit smaller, they also have a range of wallets and crossbody bags; perfect for an iPad.

Screen Shot 2015-09-11 at 09.32.16

Thank you for reading – what’s your perfect Summer to Autumn transitional piece?

Shop the post:
Blouse – Topshop
Jeans – New Look
Cape – New Look
Shoes – Topshop
Bag – Graceship


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