Easy On The Eyes: A Beauty Book By Lisa Potter-Dixon

Whenever a new beauty book launches, I, and the majority of this crazy online world get rather excited – especially when the person who has written it is non other than Lisa Potter-Dixon. A few words on Lisa first and foremost; she is fabulous. I’ve met and worked with her many times, attended wonderful Benefit events of which she has demonstrated her makeup skills showcasing a new product, and so on. Her happiness is contagious and I especially love how you can just tell it’s Lisa saying the words, and the use of ‘!’ demonstrates just how excited she was when writing. Last Summer I took part in a super fun day at the Silverstone race track with Benefit and Citroen; it’s safe to we were just short of roasting and whilst we could have all been ‘I’M TOO HOT I DON’T WANT TO DO THIS’ we were ‘WOO I CAN DO THIS LOL LOOK AT MY SHINY FACE’ because Lisa, and let’s be honest, all the Benefit team are just so uplifting!

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First off, the illustrations both on the cover and within the book are by the very talented Sally Faye – who just has ‘it’ when it comes to fashion and beauty product art work; which always helps with our social-media-obsessed need to post things on Instagram.

The book includes a bit of background on Lisa herself, how she worked her way to the top (becoming Benefit’s head makeup and trend artist) and most importantly; everyday women of all ages, races and backgrounds – making this beauty book one of the most relatable there is. If you have round eyes? There are tips for that. Mature skin? Tips for that. Anything you may call a ‘flaw’ – you’ll feel flawless with one of these looks.

Whether you have heaps of time to practice; 5 minutes before you need to dash out, or 15 minutes before a last minute evening out – you’ll be covered. I love it – there are 20 makeup looks, all completed within 5 minutes, 15 minutes or 30 minutes; the look you decide to go for all depends on the time you have. I especially loved Lisa’s eye makeup look in 5 minutes – deffo taking notes on that one!


I didn’t want to really post any photos of any of the looks, or any pages as to not ruin anything for you potential readers/flickers (although you can ‘see inside’ on Amazon!) But believe me, this is a bed-time easy read, a coffee table book, or a hand bag book; for those shopping list inspiration moments, or ‘Ooh! This look would really suit you, let’s pick up these products’. Lisa really has the ability to make you want to try these looks; from subtle and simple to pretty darn bold and edgy – she makes me want to give it a try, regardless of my confidence levels – how does she do that?!

‘Easy on the Eyes’ is primarily showcasing eye looks, how to’s and step by step guides to perfect multiple eye creations – 20 in fact – but she hasn’t neglected the rest. The base, brows, blush; you name it is also covered – woo! It’s basically 144 pages of beauty, encouragement, makeup and more – perfection, no?!


Easy on the Eyes: Makeup Looks in 5, 15 and 30 minutes is available now! You can get it here.



  • This post is definitely at the top of my birthday wish list in December. Lisa’s story with her dad and this book which she explained in the video upon announcing the book release really touched me and I can’t wait to explore more of her personality and advice she gives throughout the book. A very informative review Becca!

    Toni x

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