Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream Forever

There’s a new addition to the Marc Jacobs Daisy fragrance family – an update of last years release of Daisy Dream; introducing Daisy Dream Forever; ‘inspired by eternal blue skies, infinitely reaching and never-ending, daisy dream forever embodies the youthful reverie and ethereal charm of marc’s dream girl.’

‘daisy dream forever is a deeper interpretation of the signature’s key notes of blackberry, blue wisteria and white woods which leave a lasting impression of luxurious floralcy, airy succulence and a velvety dream of a drydown. Top: blackberry, grapefruit, pear heart: jasmine, lychee, blue wisteria base: white woods, musks, coconut water.’

Last years Daisy Dream was a favourite of mine, however it didn’t linger on the skin as much as I’d have liked it to, and as it was an Eau De Toilette; it faded pretty quickly. This Summer, Daisy Dream had a bit of an update and much to my delight, an Eau De Parfum version had been launched.

As always, the bottle would look beautiful on any dressing table. I really love the matte, ‘frosted glass’ daisies and like last year, the mirrored lid; plus, it’s the perfect colour to represent the ‘eternal blue skies’ that inspired the fragrance.


If you like the original Daisy, you’ll love this. I feel you can always tell a Daisy perfume, and with this, the additions of a fruity, sweet – but not sickly – and almost aquatic (or, it smells… blue?!) scent really creates a beautiful scent. I’m often one to develop a headache with certain fragrances, but it’s quite light, and sits on the skin nicely.

I’m interested to know – what’s your favourite Marc Jacobs fragrance? Mine has to be the original Daisy – it’s lovely!

P.s how cute is Rupert here?! I was photographing the bottle when he decided he wanted to be involved, and what a beautiful picture it turned out to be! The second one is adorable too. Scrap the ‘professional’ looking photos, these are even better! Even if I am a little biased…


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