Thurloe Square

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It’s the type of weather where it’s freezing in the morning, but pretty hot come afternoon (however as I type this at 13:03 it’s chilly – yay!) – so, this is probably one of the last non-jacket wearing outfit post, and if you know me, I am more than fine by this! I welcome Autumn and Winter with open, coat-wearing arms!

I picked up this faux suede tan swing dress, but on trying it on it just didn’t look right – it fit nicely – but the colour just didn’t work with my complexion and top half. I decided to layer a top over the dress so it appeared as a skirt, rather than the top under it as I had previously planned to and it worked a lot better – yay! I wanted something in this colour and just had to make it work – I loved the suede effect too.

Do you have any colours that don’t suit you? What do you do?!


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