The £30 ‘It Bag’ from Topshop



When I first saw this bag on the Topshop home page – I was besotted. I’m sure you are all in agreement that it’s a great ‘dupe’ for the Chloe ‘Drew’ bag – with a teeny tiny price tag (in comparison!). Whilst the Chloe bag is absolutely beautiful, it comes with a hefty price tag; and I just can’t wave off over a thousand pounds to clutch one under my arm – but let’s face it, if I had that amount at my disposal; the Drew would already be in my – and I’m sure your – possession.

I have come across many dupes, well, rather complete copies of the designer bag from overseas sites equating to about £40. While that might be wonderful for some, I’d rather not fund a somewhat ‘knockoff’ of the designer bag – and instead I waited for a trusted high street brand to release a very similar yet very different affordable lookalike.

Since I purchased mine, I’ve wandered in to a few Topshop branches with friends who are on the hunt for one of four colours – though not to my surprise, they are quickly selling out! The Oxford Circus flagship store is the only in-store viewing I’ve had of the bags to this date! So, unless you can get to the three-story heaven ASAP, your best bet of owning a £30 beauty is online! If they take your fancy, click the colour you like above and it will take you directly to its page – where a quick ‘add to basket’ is all it takes!

I went for the pale camel and white combo, but I’m also very tempted by the black!

Which one will you get?!


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