20 Things My Dog Has Taught Me

I’ve had my beautiful little boy for exactly a year today – 18th of January 2015. He’s the absolute light of my life and I couldn’t have been blessed with a more perfect pooch! I always like the phrase: ‘when I needed a hand, I found a paw’ – and that really resinates with me. Since having Rupert, I’m more confident, responsible and loving – among many other things – and haven’t had a panic attack or suffered with huge amounts of anxiety either which has seriously been life changing. He makes me laugh every single day, and I never imagined just how happy and content he would make me. I could literally harp on about little Rupert bear for hours, as I’m sure all fellow dog owners could! The way he sits, the way he sleeps on my head, the way he looks after me when I’m poorly, the way he has made my whole family fall in love with him (my mum’s always loved dogs, but just didn’t want any in the house – now when they pup-sit? He’s in their bed!) but honestly, he’s the most loving, caring dog – always wanting to be involved in everything, making sure he can see everyone and watch over his people – seriously, I can’t even express! He’s hilarious, especially when we give him a voice and accent… do others do that?!

Since I’ve been a dog Mumma for a year now, I wanted to compile a list of things he has taught me. I’ve shared this list with a few other dog parents and they’ve agreed it’s spot on. It really is incredible how the can impact your life – here are 20 things my dog has taught me.


Be brave

Have a mind of your own

Accept yourself

Be loyal and faithful

Chase after your dreams

Take a nap

Never stop playing

Be quick to forgive

Learn new tricks

Love unconditionally

Make new friends

Be patient

Stop to smell the roses

Age is just a number

Stick to a routine

Accept people for who they are

Live in the moment

Find your purpose

Show care and empathy towards others

Just eat it


Feel free to share if you’re a fellow pup parent or have friends and family that are! I’d love to know if you agree! I’m actually going to be relaunching Rupert’s Youtube channel and upload short vine-style videos as often as possible in hopes that he makes you laugh and smile too! Be sure to subscribe here.


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