3 Throwback Beauty Favourites

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Whilst having a beauty clear out, I came across a lot of forgotten heroes that just got pushed to the back of my stash; if you’re a beauty hoarder like me you’ll know – if it’s out of sight, it’s out of mind! One of my favourite things is rediscovering old favourites. We can get so obsessed with new launches, our fave beauty blogger / youtuber induced purchases and forget about the products we really actually quite love! Here are 3 throwback beauty products I have fallen back in love with:

Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow Sheer Powder

This was purposefully placed on one of my shelves in my office – I know so many people use makeup products as decor; but I just got so used to it being there I actually forgot to use it! I remember this being the second or third Chanel makeup purchase so it was a pretty exciting one for me. It has the most beautiful scent and texture to it, and being a lighter than light powder it looks flawless; especially in natural daylight! Mine’s in shade 10 which is the lightest; with 70 being the darkest – if you’re pale like me, you can use some of the darker shades for a lovely natural contour! I’d forgotten how smooth it made my skin feel as well as giving me a natural glow. I used to wear this alongside foundation – but lately I’ve been wearing it over the top of concealer for a natural look.

Maybelline Color Tattoo in Pink Gold

Since becoming a collector of palettes (it’s okay to have loads if we call ourselves collectors right?) I’ve somewhat neglected any form of single eyeshadows; including cream shadows and cream sticks; products I love. With a simple swipe over the eyelid you have a fuss free, fool proof eye look that took minimal effort and no time at all – why had I pushed these aside?! My all time favourite has to be ‘Pink Gold’ – it’s a beautiful rose gold shade that I remember always being out of stock; until one day I finally managed to get hold of one – I used it non-stop until that thing happens where you buy different products and forget the old ones… Basically; I’m overjoyed to be using this again – my extra 10 minutes in bed is totes thanks to this little guy.

Revlon Matte Lipstick in Pink Pout

I have more lipsticks and lip products than I care to share; but this one jumped right out at me whilst de-cluttering. Back in the day (a few youtube years ago) every single UK beauty ‘tuber talked about this lipstick. Of course; I went out to get my own and fell in love with it. I used to wear it in every single video until one person made a remark saying I was ‘too pale’ and I quickly moved on to paler pink lipsticks. WHAT EVEN. These days, that sort of comment wouldn’t even gather a second thought – I personally LOVE darker pinks, mauves, dark red, wait… ANY COLOUR on pale skin. So recently when it came back in to my life; I grabbed a (another forgotten favourite) lip liner (Rimmel ‘Eastend Snob’) and lined my lips, popped on Pink Pout and filmed some videos! Now, whenever I wear it I feel fab; and have most people asking what I’m wearing. When in doubt, it’s Pink Pout. *chuckles*

Do you ever look through your beauty stash and think; ‘I used to bloomin’ love that product!’ ? What products were they? Go and have a good old rummage and shop your beauty stash to rediscover your throwback faves!


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