An Underdog Beauty Brand You NEED To Try

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I don’t know about you; but whenever I hit the drugstore I more or less stick to the same brands – or have a wander if a youtuber or blogger has recommended something – but I never really stray from what I’m used to.

A makeup brand I haven’t gone to in years is Miss Sporty. I think we associate it with being young and starting out with makeup – being able to afford the products with our pocket money and such – but I’ve been reintroduced to the extreme-budget beauty brand and I can’t stress enough how much you need to try it. I remember when I first started Youtube I talked about their nail polishes but that was it; I thought they were incredible for the price with such a beautiful colour offering. Since then; doing what I do I’m lucky enough to receive and trial hundreds of beauty products monthly – so old favourites get a bit forgotten!

Recently; I received a package of new launches from Miss Sporty – and I couldn’t believe it was their products. The packaging, colour range and pigmentation were worlds away from what I can remember, and now, a real contender to be one of my most visited beauty counters at the drugstore.

If (and I really think you should!) you’ll be visiting a Miss Sporty stand in Boots or Superdrug any time soon; here are seven things from the brand to look out for (other than the nail polishes!)

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01. Eyeshadow Quads
With six shades available, you will find something that’s just perfect; or, at £2.99 each, you may just like the whole set! There’s a beautiful rose-toned quad that is my personal favourite in ‘Smoky Rose’ that very much resembles high end quads that I own – I can’t quite believe the pigmentation. ‘Smoky Brown’ and ‘Mysterious Smoky’ are my other two favourites.

02. Single Matte Eyeshadows
The pigmentation of these are incredible! I’ve stuck to quite neutral shades but there are some beautiful more ‘daring’ options available.

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03. Insta Glow Blushers
Part of a new Insta Glow range, these blushers are the stand out for me! They are so beautiful and pigmented with plenty of shades available; rosy tones, peachy tones, pinky tones – as well as more bronze shades too!

04. Insta Glow Primer
I love this stuff! A great and cheaper alternative to so many high end primers on the market!

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05. My BFF Lipsticks
I thought these were going to be quite sheer balm-style, but they are just super moisturising lipsticks – I was really pleasantly surprised! My favourite is the shade ‘My Pretty Rose’.

06. Perfect Stay Concealer
Whilst the palest shade of concealer may be too yellow toned for me; it definitely stays put perfectly.

07. Kohl Kajal Creamy Soft Kohl Eyeliners
To me these are more like eyeshadow sticks (well, the pale shade anyway!); they are incredible! Super creamy, really long lasting and a beautiful range of colours.

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Have you ever used Miss Sporty? Will you be trying now? OR will you try again?



  • The blushes look absolutely incredible! One of my favourite nail glitters is their Sparkle Touch top coat, but I haven’t tried any makeup from this brand since I was a kid! Must have a browse next time I’m in boots!

  • I love the cheaper brands now, don’t actually have anything from Miss Sporty but will make sure to check it out next time in boots 🙂

    I do love Seventeen though, I did a post on them recently. Love their products 🙂

  • I have to admit, for years I’ve walked past the MS stands as I too, associated them with make-up for the ‘younger generation’. However, I’m hearing so many goods things about their products lately and it’s really tempting me to go and have a browse soon. I love affordable make-up brands so you can’t really go wrong! x

    Christina Marie –

  • I have never tried Miss Sporty before – kind of just walked pass their counter everytime I am in Boots but the lipstick swatches look so good and pretty! <3 I will definitely stop and take a look at their beauty products next time I pass by 🙂

    Jacqueline | Sail Away to Neverland ♡

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