5 Things To Do In February

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February is the real new start; the January blues are over, and it’s time to really start the year. So, here are five things we should do this month.

01. Set 2016 goals
Let’s face it; January is the practice month – regretting all the festive food, going back to work and school, and perhaps experiencing the January blues – In January we need to just ‘be’. For me, February is the real start. I like to set my goals on the first day of the month. I always feel if we set (sometimes unrealistic) goals / ‘new years resolution’s’ at the start of the year they fail – besides, we need to catch up on sleep since we stayed up ’til midnight (very much past my bed time!). Even if you’ve already set some goals or made some resolutions – it’s great to make more – even monthly if you want to; I always think it’s a great way to achieve things and tick them off when you’ve completed those challenges, or feel better about yourself if you’re getting there one step at a time. If you’ve failed at your NYR’s, this may be the perfect start and way to note down more achievable goals.

02. Love
February is the month of Valentines; and whether or not you’re engaged or ordering Chinese food for one, share the love this month (and all months please; we don’t just have to celebrate love on the 14th of Feb!) Love yourself, your friends, your family, your colleagues, your pets; everyone deserves to feel loved. Each day, share a compliment with yourself; think about something you love about yourself – it doesn’t have to be appearance based as I know many find that difficult – but personality traits you love, things you’ve inherited from your family that you love, anything and everything about you should be loved and celebrated. I can’t stress the importance of random acts of kindness; kindness to strangers, a smile, a compliment – it can really brighten their day. I love complimenting people on the tube if I’m in London or just smiling or sharing a giggle at something around us. I know if a stranger says something nice to me it really makes a difference. Tell your family you love them, tell you friends you love them; tell them the things you appreciate about them, the things you love about them, and how they make you feel loved. Wow, thats a lot of love. I for one will be spending the Sunday with my pug watching PLL (and of course thinking about how lucky and loved I am, as are you all)

03. Refresh, de-clutter and clear out
These apply to my mind, my house, my makeup collection; all of the things! I did have a bit of a de-clutter and clear out at the very beginning of January; but if I still haven’t touched the product or worn the dress – it’s gotta go – it’s been a month! Something that makes me feel more tidy-minded is when my surroundings are tidy. My office especially; if I have writing or editing to do I 100% need a tidy desk. My work space is personal yet minimal and that works best for me – just like my bedroom is for sleep and chill-time only; if that room gets cluttered, my sleeping pattern is affected and my mind wanders! I do like a good tidy; I go round the house every evening with a bag to get rid of rubbish, and while some may find that excessive, I get so many packages, have many bottles of water and things just generally get a bit messy – especially if it’s a filming day! Don’t worry – I recycle! On top of that; every Friday afternoon is my house cleaning time – I hoover, scrub surfaces, sweep, dust, polish and freshen up – I really recommend setting a specific time to get house work done!

04. Say no; it’s okay!
Lately I’ve been saying yes to absolutely everything; I’m a people pleaser! – But, I need to say no more and be realistic about the amount of plans I make, work I take on and events I go to. I absolutely love keeping busy, but doing things until you burn out is just not the way to go – especially if I’m doing it simply to please others. Saying no is okay – and I need to keep that in mind!

05. Pancakes
Need I say more? We have a day dedicated to pancakes this month – win!


What would you like to do this month?



  • There is nothing better than sharing the love! I always ensure if I make eye contact with people I always give them a big old smile, I know a smile does wonders for me so I always hope it brightens someones day! hmm pancakes, with lemon and sugar *insert homer’s doughnut face*
    My goals this month is to get my happiness and confidence back, a very big one I know, but I just haven’t been enjoying my uni life at all this year, I feel lonely, I don’t know where I stand with my flat mates all the time even though I’ve done nothing to them (I am quite honest with this) and it’s completely thrown me off and I’ve lost the spark I had so yes, I’m going to try and learn to be me again!

  • I always like the idea of setting new goals any time, not just on 1st Jan. After all, you’re more likely to stick to them when you really feel enthused about them, not just because it’s a particular time of year! February’s great for that, as you say, when we’ve all had a chance to get back into the usual routine. Pancakes are pretty great too! x

    Kate Louise Blogs

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