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I moved into my house in September; and it’s quickly becoming my home. I’m in love with all the rooms and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed decorating but, I don’t think anyone’s home is every ‘finished’, especially if you love interiors like I do! Well… I have a third bedroom I’ve appropriately named the ‘room of doom’ because… that’s just what it is at the moment! Soon enough it will be my closet but for now; it’s just the room of doom. A room I was so uninspired by was my living room. It was one of my favourite empty spaces with cream walls and wooden floors, well lit and spacious; but I just didn’t know where to start.

I was contacted just before Christmas by Dulux Amazing Space and I was so excited by the prospect of creating and designing (with the help of a professional) the perfect living room – stress free! The app allows you to input details about the room you would like re-do, add in your personal tastes and style and then have a one on one online consultation with one of Dulux‘s renowned designers so who can offer bespoke advise and help you get your Amazing Space! It’s a great platform connecting home owners with design experts and I just adore home interiors and was so excited to get started! It can be any room, any budget, all designed around your taste. You set up your account and start a new project by inputting design, colour and decor preferences – you can even share Pinterest boards! You can use the service for £75 and whether you just want a decor update, room refresh or a whole new look; the team will cater towards your budget. So, before I share my experience and beautiful new living room with you; here’s a bit about Dulux Amazing Space.


To get started, you’ll be asked a few quick questions to help your Dulux Design Expert get to know your space. You can mention any specific features you want them to look at, share pictures of your room and set your budget.

You’ll be shown a few images that you can tick or cross whether you like them or not so that Amazing Space can match the style you’re going for. With a couple of clicks, you are able to share your tastes and preferences. You can even share Pinterest boards and links! I shared two home interiors Pinterest boards and my design expert Imogen really got to know what I like!

Your 30-minute online consultation lets you discuss style ideas with your Dulux Design Expert. It’s the best way to see your project grow and the perfect time to give them your feedback.

Finally, your Dulux Design Expert will use everything you’ve shared to create your unique style guide, including an interactive shopping list, 3D room visualisation and a floor plan – I loved seeing the 3D plan as it really gave me the idea of what the final result would look like!



  • 30 minute online consultation
  • A personal digital style guide
  • An interactive shopping list
  • 3D room visualisation and floor plan


During the process you upload photos of how the room is now – as you can in the video it was just a bit basic, plain and you could tell I’d just moved in and not really added much ‘me’ to it. The whole process on my part was SO incredibly easy with easy to follow steps; and once the designer had a chance to look through my likes, dislikes, preferences and such, it was all over to Imogen! She put together a style guide and an interactive shopping list according to my tastes and budget of things she thought I might like, and our webcam consultation took place! Imogen had selected things that suited me and my tastes perfectly and there was little if not anything I want to change – she really listened and looked carefully to find the right things for my living room. We discussed my next steps and I was so excited to get ordering!

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One of my favourite suggestions of my design expert was the brick feature wall; made possible with white brick wallpaper from Graham & Green. Another favourite is the ladder shelf from Habitat – beautiful! We went for creams, whites, greys, coppers and marble – the dream!

D - 1 D - 2 D - 8 D - 4 D - 12

I’m absolutely in love with my new living room and want to thank Amazing Space for helping me achieve the vision I had in my head without any stress! The room is a lot more homely and I can enjoy laptop time, relaxing, having friends over and just enjoying the room! It’s a lot more bright and airy thanks to the new paint in chiffon white by Dulux and I’m looking forward to filming in their now too! See the room tour video here.

Have you got a room you want to update? Or totally change? Will you be trying #AmazingSpace ? Have a look here.

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