5 Things To Do In March

March marks the first month of Spring, and I for one love the transitional seasons! Here are 5 things we should do in March.


01. Treat Yo Mumma
In the UK; on Sunday the 6th it was Mothers day – a day to celebrate your mum or significant female figures in your life. They gave us life, they help us throughout life and my mum basically is my life! If you are super naughty and have yet to get her anything (maybe you’re at uni, away from home, really busy) check out my Mother’s Day blog post to see some bits I’ve got mine – maybe you’ll get inspired! I think a last minute dash to the petrol station shop for some flowers is a little… Not cool! My mum created my fresh being, and my fabulous sister, and is my dads whole world – basically we LOVE and worship the ground you walk on, mum. Thank you. Thank you. All the thanks. And lots of love to all the mummy’s out there!

02. Treat Yo’self & Chill!
I thought January and February would be so quiet and slow paced – I was wrong. I’ve had an amazing start to the year (albeit a difficult one) and made many happy memories but one of my favourite people was put to rest. I can’t dwell because he wouldn’t want me to <3 I’ve become addicted to Netflix again and Netflix is the definition of chill for me; it’s a nice reward for when I’ve finished a job or ticked off something on my to do list and I can just lie down and watch something – particularly loving re-visiting Louis Theroux documentaries! I also want to treat myself, and not to stuff, but to allow myself that time to chill. I have however in the past found buying flowers every week is a really nice little uplifting purchase so seeing as we are in the first month of Spring; I’ll start that up again! I also want to really pamper; paint my nails, have lush baths, face masks – mclovin’ the Sanctuary warm charcoal face mask! Basically, look after myself!

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03. Spring Clean
How very adult of me; I’ve put aside every Friday afternoon is now my scheduled cleaning time; hoovering, dusting, polishing, organising and everything else kinda time – I really enjoy it! I love my house and I love keeping things clean and fresh! It really helps take my mind off things – and don’t worry, the other days of the week I don’t just leave things around the house, I still tidy and keep things in their place, but I like to say that Friday afternoon is the deep cleanse! Try it; it helps!

04. Update Your Beauty Stash & Wardrobe
I love to do this when the seasons change; throw things out, give to charity, bring spring clothes down from the attic, sell things, give things to friends and just have a jolly good sort out! I love going through my makeup drawers and bringing forward my spring lip picks, cheek colours and everything in between; I’m planning on doing a Spring makeup shakeup soon on my YouTube channel so stay tuned for that!

05. Easter
Chocolate. Need I say more? Actually; every year my family and I ask each other what we’d like; and we were all a bit ‘meh’ on the chocolate egg side of things (this is unheard of for my fam!) so this year it’s all about the little gifts! My dad still wanted the chocolate, but for my mum and sister we’ve opted for some Easter lush treats!

What are five things you want to do in March?


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