IT Cosmetics Launches On QVC UK

On Thursday a few blogger pals and I headed to Chiswick to the QVC studios; a magical place full of sets, products, cameras and all the white lighting ever! I’ve actually been before and went on air with another makeup brand and I loved every second – this time however was a launch and preview of the latest QVC UK beauty brand; IT Cosmetics! IT’s a firm favourite among many American Youtubers and Bloggers with it being difficult for us UK gals to get hold of. My goodness… no one will ever know how much I wanted to get my hands on Bye Bye Under Eye! I finally got a play at this amazing launch event; and I know have it in my makeup bag! The IT ladies were lovely; telling their stories and why they got involved with the brand.

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“It Cosmetics, the clinically-proven and skin-loving colour cosmetics like, known for their game-changing products that deliver life-changing results” 

If I had to summarise the brand; IT enhances YOUR beauty, has only the core products (not a trend brand), long lasting, high performing, products targeted to certain problems, and leaves you feeling beautiful in your own skin – whilst still looking like your skin! Suitable for quite literally all ages.

Developed with leading plastic surgeons and dermatologists, IT Cosmetics was created by Jamie Kern Lima – a former TV news reporter who suffered from skin concerns such as rosacea, hyper pigmentation and barely-there brows (you HAVE to try the Brow Power, as someone with fair brows this is a game changer). With no products ever really working for her, she decided to embark on a mission to create those products for herself; and every other person out there that wants to feel their best beautiful!

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I had the chance to have a play around with all the products that are now available on QVC (here); and I can’t wait to include them in tutorials! Currently available (in a mixture of single products, duo’s and trio’s) are the cruelty free brushes, Bye Bye Under Eye Concealer, Cheek Flush Powder Blush Stains,  Vitality Flush Lipsticks (adjusts to your lips perfect shade!), Hello Lashes Mascara, Brow Power Universal Pencil, Hello Light Creme Illuminator, and Bye Bye Pores Poreless Powder. So far, I have three favourites (well, four if you count Bye Bye Under Eye) and here’s why;

Brow Power Universal Eyebrow Pencil
This is incredible; when they say universal they mean universal. This is the only shade available; and it works for everyone (unless you have blue hair and want blue eyebrows) – it all depends on the pressure you use it; how hard you use it etc – whether you have black brows, fair brows, are a red head, are a blonde; it works! It’s a transforming, long wear eyebrow pencil which adjusts to all brow shades and works well with thick or thin hair. It’s water proof and smudge-resistant so no need to worry about dripping brows on a rainy or super hot day (lol).

Hello Lashes 5-in-1 Volumizing Mascara
I’m a very ‘one mascara woman’ and like what I like; but this one blew my mind! The ladies did a live demo and it literally looked like lash extensions; I couldn’t wait to try! The brush is really unique too. The rich black pigment doesn’t flake or fade, and the triple action brush lengthens, separates and curls – my goodness it curls! It also has a little ball on the tip which is designed to reach every last upper, inner and outer corner lash – and we were told its clinically proven to increase lash volume by 430%!

Hello Light Creme Illuminator
Seeing as it’s me; I think I’m most excited about the highlight. MY GOODNESS I was glowing; as the ladies were talking us through it, I started applying it and then it went silent BECAUSE OF MY GLOW (seriously… ). It’s a beautiful creamy texture in a beautiful shade that would work with all skin tones. The hydrating formula creates a youthful glow, natural radiance and illumination without settling in to lines. Infused with uni-ageing skin-loving ingredients, it visibly improves the appearance of skin leaving it soft and supple. Something that’s important to me is that it contains no glitter or shimmer, it’s just a gorgeous glow. It works amazingly well with the pointed precision brush which allows for perfect application on the cheek bones, down the nose and anywhere else you want a bit of luminosity!

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I’m so looking forward to trying more from IT cosmetics, and can’t wait to include these game-changers in upcoming tutorials; it’s definitely a brand to try and it’s now so easily available! What will you be trying?


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