20 Things To Wear When It’s Hot AF

hotaf - 1

It’s day 3 of the heatwave here in the UK and I’m about ready to just sit in front of a fan in the nude.

I’m all for Summer, but it’s no secret I’m a lover of the colder seasons – as a serial melter walking around and getting anything done in this heat just isn’t going to work out! The first day was surprising and all fun and games heading down to the seaside but MY GOODNESS; this lack of sleep due to melting alive just isn’t the one. Luckily, the temp is dropping by a few degrees and we may even get some rain in the next few days, but the humidity is real. So, what do we wear?! We have to consider sweat, embracing of the arms?, chub rub, breathability and what we can wear with our striped bardot top thats not white jeans – and we require a Summery dress that just hangs please… no skin on material contact ideally. In fact – I think one-peices are the way to go. Here are 20 things we can wear when it’s hot AF, now, or to prepare for the next British heatwave! BRB – getting ice lolly no.5 from the freezer!


What have you been wearing?! Do you LIKE this weather?


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