Primrose Bakery

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Happy Bank Holiday! So, I’ve visited my fair share of desert spots in London; and there’s a few that I always return to. One of my favourites being the sweetest cupcake hangout – Primrose bakery.

With a few of their bakeries in central, my favourite is the Covent Garden store.
So; you’ve been shopping around the plaza, spent far too long in Charlotte Tilbury and Kikki K, you’ve listened to an opera singer in the square and you’re ready for cake (forget lunch, straight to cake, right?!). Whether or not you have a four legged friend or not, it’s the perfect place for you (and your pooch) to go – yup; it’s dog friendly! If I have Rupert with me it’s a great place to chill – I visited this time with Jodes, Laura, and her gorgeous girls Tilly and Lulu! Rupert had some furry friends this time!
It’s also extremely Instagram friendly – I got you girrrrrl!
Located down Tavistock stock, you can’t miss the little yellow shop front. It’s a little three-tabled cosy bakery with white wooden floors and pink and yellow chairs – I would very much like to know where I can get myself a pink number!

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My typical order usually consists of a vanilla cupcake (the frosting is just amazing), and a chocolate milkshake – look at the sprinkles! You can get literally any hot drink you can think of, as well as a variety of cold drinks, and so many different flavours of milkshakes served in a little mason jar!

Primrose Bakery also have special cakes served on different days; but your classic flavours are available always!

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Something I ADORE is they always make special cupcakes in conjunction to the current season or events; see these cutie little Wimbledon themed Pims cupcakes?!

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Have you ever been to Primrose Bakery? It’s perfect if you’re treating yourself solo, passing time between meetings or having a girly afternoon with your pals – I just love it here!

Will you be stopping by next time you’re in Covent Garden? If you don’t have time to stay you can also pop by to take away!

Ok… I really need cake now…


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