The Stables

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Since returning home from The States last week, here in the UK the heatwave is still going strong (after the Floridian heat I wanted freezing weather, where is the cold weather at?!). You all know I’m an Autumn/Winter gal – I love wrapping up, the Winter breeze and everything that occurs in the colder months! I was fully expecting to not be able to wear Summery clothes on my return, but jeez was I wrong!

I’m actually so glad I was able to wear this bae of a playsuit a couple of days ago – pale blue, polka dots and ruffles – lovin’ it! My pal Jode took these for me whilst on a stroll at a nearby park, with the cutest (and tastiest) little cafe called The Stables – this is one of my fave parks to come to for a walk with Rupert, a place to feel calm, lunch and an ice cream – perf!

Are you excited to rummage through and find all your Autumn clothes?! Or are you clinging on to Summer?!

P.S, major lol but I accidentally left these shoes at the park! Changed into flats and was enticed by food…


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