Everything You Need To Know About The Zoella Apartment, Her Lifestyle Range & New AW16 Launches!

This week, a gorgeous London apartment (apparently an AirBnB – when can I stay?!) opened it’s doors to a handful of press and online influencers – thanks for having me! – with some lucky Zoe fans attending on the last day (today; boo! ) – housed the gorgeous new lifestyle range and Christmas beauty products by Zoella, AKA Zoe Sugg, AKA Wonder woman. Beautifully decorated by the team at SLG and Kilpatrick, please enter the Zoella Apartment…

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I actually attended the Apartment two days running (with my best pal Jodes) to ensure I captured and found out everything I needed to know! I’m sure by now you’ve seen the endless photos and videos on Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat and it’s safe to say we can all agree it’s incredible; Zoe down to a T! Everything was perfectly Zoella (can we use that as an adjective now?!) and it’s so clear how much time, love and effort has gone into the range. Zoella watcher or not, there is something for everyone; something will catch everyone’s attention regardless of age or interests!

“Live the life you love with my collection of home and lifestyle products”

The Bedroom – Lifestyle

On entering the humble abode, I was already beaming; and with a quick turn to the right, we entered the bedroom – filled with Zoella Lifestyle – I can’t even express how excited we all need to be. It literally felt like we were in her room; the scents, the cosiness, the mass amount of cushion, it was stunning! Someone quite literally kicked off her shoes and had a nap!

After smelling all the candles and their corresponding diffusers, squishing the cushions and wanting to pop the socks on; it was a collective YES from all of us! My favourite scent has to be ‘Lazy Days’ – I can’t wait to light the candle, put on the cosy socks and Autumn it up!

Lazy Days
Fragranced Candle and Sock Set
“Snuggle up with this lazy days duo. These beautifully soft socks and dreamy scented candle are the perfect companions for lazy days.”

Naps Fix Everything
Throw Pillow
“The finishing touch to the perfect bedspread or comfy chair – naps really do fix everything!”

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It’s no secret that Zoe is a fan of candles; and we all seem to be a nation of candle lovers! The scents are inspired by some of Zoe’s most precious memories and moments – from a sunny seaside walk to a lazy Sunday morning. The price point is SO affordable with the candles being £10.00, and the diffusers £12.00.

Because I’m the worst at describing scents; I’ll let Zoe do the talking…

My Eden
“Surround yourself with the scent of a garden in full bloom. Fresh roses, jasmine and luscious geraniums float on a warm summer breeze”

Seaside Stroll
“The scent of fresh air and ocean mist will leave you feeling like you’re beside the sea no matter where you are. A sunny seaside walk in a jar!”

Lazy Days (my fave!)
“Fill your room with the essence of calm. With notes of fresh linen and cotton, it’s the perfect scent for a lazy day”

Daisy Picking
“Transport yourself to a summer’s day. The scent of wildflowers and green grass fills the air as you tiptoe through a meadow”

Homemade Treats
“Softly Whipped buttercream and gooey caramel drizzled over home baked cupcakes. Bring some indulgence to your home with the delicious scent; almost good enough to eat!”

Gingerbread Village (Exclusive to Superdrug)
“Set your home a glow with the sweet, spicy warmth of gingerbread. Cosy up by the fire as fragrant scents of ginger, vanilla, cinnamon and nutmeg fill the room”

Also launching is a candle and diffuser set in ‘My Eden’ (£20), and a candle duo featuring ‘Daisy Picking’ and ‘Seaside Stroll’ (£18).

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The Bathroom – Classic Collection; Updated

On entering the en-suite bathroom we were all so excited to discover a little collection of revamped products from the original Zoella Beauty line! This time including… hand cleanser – WOO!

Hand On Heart
Hand Cleanser
“Keep your hands squeaky clean and smelling gorgeous on the go!”

Pretty Polished
Sugar Scrub
“Buff your skin with this gorgeously scented sugar scrub”

Scooper Dooper
Foaming Bath Soak
“Treat yourself to a scoop of this beautifully scented bubble bath! The soothing floral notes will calm your senses while extracts of Vitamin E, Aloe and Shea Butter help to soften and condition your skin. Scoop up a small handful, swirl it under warm running water, then lie back and relax. Bubbles, no troubles!”

Wonderous Whip
Body Cream
“Treat your skin to a big scoop of lightly whipped body cream! With extracts of Vitamin E, Aloe and Shea Butter, it will leave your skin feeling beautifully soft and smelling gorgeous”

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The Living Room & Kitchen – Christmas Gifting

Whilst everything mentioned would make ideal gifts – all at such amazing price points; secret santa gifts COVERED! – I wasn’t ready for the extremely festive living room and kitchen… I felt like I was in one of Zoe’s vlogs during vlogmas; it was amazing! Deffo got some decor inspo; and some serious gift ideas (for pals, and me, the list keeps growing).

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I seriously need these guys to come and decorate my house this season!

The Zoella Christmas collection is absolutely huge this year, with amazing presents no matter what your budget is; from stocking fillers and secret santa to the main gifts, the range is incredible – everything you could ever imagine! My favourites include the Pamper Hamper (the wicker basket sold it to me!), the lip balm duo, the mini scents set, the Spa in a Jar (Zoella mason jar anyone?!), the crackers, the suitcase of travel beauty essentials, the makeup bags… I think I basically just listed everything…

Pamper Hamper (exclusive to Superdrug)
“The ultimate Christmas indulgence. A beautiful wicker hamper overflowing with luxurious festive goodies. An ultra frothy shower glaze, moisturising body cream, conditioning hand cream, deliciously scented fizz bar and relaxing bath salts” – also includes a cute little purse and a shower poof (complete with pink tips!)

Lip Balm Duo
“A choice of two cute hearts containing ultra soft gingerbread and vanilla scented lip balms. There is one to soften, and one to sparkle!”

Deck The Baubles
“This cute Christmas bauble is filled to the brim with delicious spicy gingerbread and warm vanilla bubble bath. Drizzle under warm water and watch those bubbles appear!”

Gingerbread Fizz Trio
“For a delicious dose of Christmas ‘me time’, snap each gingerbread man in two and drop one half under warm running water!”

Secret Scenta
“Blissful Mistful, Lets Spritz, Sweet Inspirations and Bake My Day. All four mini fragrances wrapped up in one box -a scent to suit every mood!”

Hungry Hands
“Show your hands some love with this heavenly scented, super moisturising gingerbread and warm vanilla hand cream”

Spa In A Jar
“A cookie jar perfect for bath time! Filled with gingerbread and vanilla scented treats, it contains a super frothy shower glaze, lightly whipped body cream and a cute Zoella flannel”

Gingerbread Fragrance Set
“Pamper yourself with my brand new limited edition fragrance and luxuriously whipped gingerbread body cream”

Just Crackers
“Celebrate the festive season with these cute crackers. Each one contains a delightful miniature gift. A little treat for you, or bring them to the table to add some festive beauty fun to your Christmas dinner!”

Let’s Go Places
“Stay gorgeous on the go with this cute suitcase filled with your travel beauty essentials. Keep tabs on your bag with my rose gold luggage tag!”

Best Chums
“Best chums forever! One for you, one for me. Keep all your little treasures safe in these two matching coin purses . They’re the perfect handy companion and an ideal gift for your special chum!”

We 3 Beauties
“Time to get organised and get your beauty house in order. This gorgeous collection of three handy cosmetic purses are perfect for storing all your beauty essentials!”

What are your favourite gifts from the collection?!

The Office – Lifestyle

My office is my favourite room in my house; I love keeping organised and having cute stationery and endless notebooks.

The office in the Zoella Apartment was tucked away in the corner; a gorgeous corner – and was the perfect place to crack on with work!

We snapped some polaroids and wrote a message for Zoe’s pin board, using a post-it from her organiser!

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The journal, the oraganiser, the pencils, the pots – ALL THE LOVE!

She Designed A Life She Loved Organiser
Stationery Book
“Keep on top of your world and make every day a good day with my gorgeous stationery book”

Write On Point
Pencil Collection
“Make your mark with my statement scribblers. Each one is adorned with a beautiful sign-off to draw a smile”

Once Upon A Time Journal
Large Notepad
“There was once a journal that was in desperate need of some stories, to-do lists and ideas to fill it’s pages”

The Key To Inspiration
“A little reminder for your keys, to keep you feeling inspired and to inspire others”

Warm Hands, Warm Hearts
Travel Mug and Fingerless Gloves Set
“Stay cosy from the inside out with this super comforting duo”

Pottering Around
Decorative Storage Pots
“Get organising with this storage pot duo”


The Zoella Apartment was not only a place filled to the brim with exciting new products; but it was a place where other creators felt inspired, felt proud and felt excited – excited by the thought of team internet and everything everyone has achieved so far. Huge congratulations to Zoe, who has clearly worked SO hard on the entire range of Zoella Lifestyle, Zoella Beauty and Christmas Gifting.

What’s on your wish list?! Available from mid September – weeeeeee! I’m so looking forward to tomorrow morning and starting my Sunday with a bath using some of these amazing products with ‘Lazy Days’ burning…

Find Zoella Beauty @ Superdrug and FeelUnique

Fine Zoella Lifestyle @ Superdrug, Boots, Debenhams and Waterstones



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