11 Things To Get You Feelin’ Festive NOW


I love all things Christmas. You all know by now I’m in my element when there’s a chill in the air; and come Autumn, the countdown begins! It’s such a happy time of year and let’s face it, the world needs some happiness this 2016… so here are 12 things to get you into the festive spirit NOW. We’re nearing the end of November, why wait?

  • Christmas cups
    We all love instagramming our coffee cups (or like me frappe, or hot chocolate cups) all year round – whether it be Starbucks, Nero or Costa, we do a good old #FWIS or outfit shot holding one, or a little flatlay captioned ‘coffee break’… you know the ones! Well, when the festive season is upon us, our fave cups all get a makeover and we welcome in the Christmas cups! I LOVE the Starbucks cups this year; last year they were plain red – and people took it upon themselves to doodle on the cups and share their designs on social media. Starbucks loved the designs and so this year have put them onto the cups – amazing right?! I adore the Christmas jumper vibe of the Costa cups and as always, the classic Christmas scenes sketched onto the cups at Nero. What’s your fave this year?!
  • The John Lewis advert
    Every year we eagerly anticipate the John Lewis Christmas advert. It’s become a tradition to watch and sob and feel all the feels the moment it’s released. This years advert isn’t a sad one (thank goodness) it’s a light hearted 2 minute advert to make you smile. I adore it because it features a dog – and we all know dogs instantly make me smile! As soon as the JL advert comes out; it’s time to feel cosy and festive. Which one has been your favourite so far?
  • Festive knitwear
    YAS! I love finding tasteful Christmas jumpers, but I also adore the tacky AF festive knitwear that resemble those seen in 80’s Christmas movies. I often search Primark (they had some adorbz ones last year, and this year again!) Topshop and ASOS for mine – and make sure to also check out the mens section! Here are some of my faves:
  • Make a Christmas wish list
    Since getting older there’s no more flicking through the Argos catalogue and circling things, or walking round Toys R Us for our parents to note down (to tell Father Christmas, obv) – so instead, it’s either a guessing game or money or you can make a list. My list consists of me chatting to my Mum about things I’d quite like.. so far we’ve discussed experience days, a record player, and random bits and bobs! I never really ask for things, I point out things I like or just mention things, but I absolutely love the surprise; I love not knowing! Plus, I almost forget that I’m actually going to receive anything, I get too excited wondering what people will think of their gifts! 
  • Decorate!
    It’s never too early. I don’t understand people that decorate for Christmas in mid-December?! It takes time and why wouldn’t you want it up longer?! Last year I put up my tree on the 4th of November. Okay, a little pre-mature… but it was my first Christmas in my own house! I was actually going to put it up the day before, but upon opening my tree box, I noticed I had in fact purchased a black tree. Much festive. We’ve always had a fake tree and that’s what I’m used to and what I love – easy and no mess! Even just turning on some fairy lights anywhere in the house can make the place feel more festive. The tree isn’t up yet, but it will be this weekend! Most of my decorations are in their place now though, and have been for a few weeks – making the most out of Christmas is so much fun, I love decorating for the holidays! Baubles, bunting, lights, Christmas cushions… you name it, it’s on display! When do you decorate for Christmas?
  • Buy presents
    I like to buy presents pretty early; it gets me SO excited and feeling so festive. Pop on the Christmas music, wrap presents, there’s nothing that gets me into the spirit more!
  • The Glee Christmas album
    Every. Single. Year. I listen to the Glee Christmas album on Youtube. There’s actually a video of the entire album, it’s over an hour long and it’s just perfect to have on in the background (or, lets face it, have a sing along) whilst doing just about anything. No pauses, no ads, it’s perf! My fave time to listen to it is when I’m wrapping presents – ooh the festivities! Why the Glee album you ask? Because there’s such a huge range of classics, as well as modern songs, and Christmas songs I discovered just by listening to it. Plus, I love Glee so there’s also that.
  • Re-watch your fave Vlogmas
    I love re-watching peoples Vlogmas’s, sometimes I enjoy watching back my own! I particularly love watching Zoella’s daily Christmas Vlogs, as well as The Shaytards Christmas Specials, and Christmas videos by The Ballinger’s! I also love watching Christmas specials of my fave TV shows – Gavin and Stacy, The Royle Family, Glee, literally any Christmas special of ANY show EVER!
  • Buy an advent calendar
    Or like me; acquire about 7. Whilst I love all things beauty advent calendars, nothing beats a Cadburys advent calendar for me! The chocolate just tastes even more fabulous coming out of a calendar! Rupert also has his calendar ready; containing 25 little treats! This year, the beauty calendars I’ve received I’m actually SO excited about – I think I genuinely have the best of the best. Here’s a quick rundown of the ones I have:
    – M&S Beauty
    – Tanya Burr
    – Charlotte Tilbury
    – Ciate
    – L’Occitane
    – The Body Shop
    – Sanctuary Spa
    Do you have any beauty advent calendars? Which chocolate one do you always go for? My family still have the tradition of my Mum making my sister and I our own calendars; little wooden cupboards with each day a new little present and chocolate – and if the gift is too big? A note; ‘Santa’s been, find present’ – oh the magic!
  • See some Christmas lights
    Visit your local town and go late night shopping (every Thursday here in Suffolk!), see the lights in all their glory! It gets dark at like… 3PM nowadays, so if your evenings are busy, still do your best to see them late afternoon! I love seeing Selfridges all lit up; and Covent Garden is always beautiful! I love wrapping up with a hot chocolate in hand, admiring the twinkly lights! Last week, I got to experience Disneyland Paris (post to come!) all lit up and decorated for Christmas; truly magical. Where are your favourite Christmas lights?
  • Watch Christmas movies
    My faves include Nightmare Before Christmas, Home Alone (only the ones with good old Macaulay Culkin though!), Christmas Vacation, A Muppets Christmas Carol, The Holiday, The Grinch, and SO MANY MORE. Which Christmas films are you all time favourite? Do you have any traditions? We watch one every evening up until Christmas day!

What do you do to feel festive? Do you already feel Christmassy or not feeling it just yet? Is it ever too early to get into the spirit?!

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