69 Pieces To Add To Your Autumn Wardrobe


As I’ve mentioned a thousand times before; Autumn is my absolute FAVE. Though I have just gotten home from an hours walk home in the dark (3PM people?!) and rain because there were no taxi’s… so that’s not too fresh, but regardless of that – yay for Fall! Like everyone else ever, I love being cosy, lighting candles and layers. Lot’s of layers. Sometimes; staying home in your onesie just doesn’t cut it – so here are 69 (lols) pieces to add to you Autumn wardrobe!

As you can see, there are a lot of frills and ruffles, many faux fur items and a lorra lorra boots. What are your go-to Autumn pieces and where do you shop for them?!

Let me know you’re fave item – and what you’ll be adding to your closet!

Now… where’s that onesie I mentioned?


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