FACE By Pixiwoo

Pals, you’re going to need to get this book. I could end this post there, but I’ll tell you a bit more shall I?! If you’re looking at this post, then you’re obviously aware of the youtube and blogging world, meaning you’ll also be familiar with Sam and Nic Chapman; otherwise known online as Pixiwoo. The sisters are honestly one of my biggest inspirations in just about every aspect of life, having had the pleasure of meeting them a few times and feeling just amazed at how they really are absolutely flawless, hard working business women – and quite possibly the nicest ladies I’ve ever met. I hand on heart love everything they do – from their videos and website, to their brushes, their gorgeous families, and now, their book. I admire them greatly for their obvious makeup artist talents but also for their clear hard word on all things Pixiwoo. If you’re already fans of Sam and Nic, then this is a must. If you’re looking for a beauty bible, this is a must. It’s just a must! If you’re not already familiar with them then please immerse yourself into the world of Pixiwoo here. I’ve been a follower for years; and I just love the personal touches through the book, the Q&A’s and little anecdotes!


FACE will no doubt be at the top of many Christmas lists; and if your’e still wondering what to get someone – may I suggest this?! Whether you’re a beauty expert, a beginner, or simply interested in all things FACE, this will not leave you disappointed. With so much beautiful imagery throughout, you’re sure to get some inspo just by a quick flick! My Mum is a new Pixiwoo fan and after asking for the entire Real Techniques range for Christmas, she quickly spotted this on my coffee table and was completely sucked in!

Something I adore is that there are tips and tricks for all skin types, tones, makeup styles; just everything. Something I’m still yet to try is the app – a free tool that helps bring the pages to life – showing tutorials then and there with a quick scan of the page – amazing right?! Basically, I didn’t want to go downstairs to grab my phone as I was too involved with the book!Β It starts off with a bit of backstory about the girls – I’ve loved learning more about each of them and admire them even more for their continuous hard work, overcoming struggles and raising beautiful families. They’re from Norfolk – my neck of the woods – and it’s incredible to me that these things happened just a few towns away! I also can’t quite get over how similar Nic looks to Edie – yep; baby pictures included!

It then moves on to tools; what you need, how to use them, tips, tricks and all things brushes – of course featuring their ever so popular Real Techniques brush collection. Isn’t it crazy that in stores everywhere, you can find their brushes?! Even people who don’t know a thing about Youtube or social media use them – not just us fans!

The beautiful book includes advice, techniques and tips for your skin, brows, eyes, lashes and lips in easy to follow how-to guides as well as recommendations. It’s the perfect manual for all things beauty related. Whether you’re pretty clued up about makeup and are set in your ways; there will definitely be something for you to learn, try or be inspired by. I joke that I have no idea what I’m doing; I watch their videos and do my best – makeup is supposed to be fun and playful! I definitely want to try the gold leaf eye look! Wish me luck…

I can’t wait to see Sam and Nic’s next venture and what they come up with next – what truly inspiring ladies!

Buy FACE here.


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