Maintaining A Light & Free Lifestyle In The Colder Months

This post contains an advertisement. Autumn and Winter are my favourite seasons; we all know I’m not a fan of the heat and so the colder months are much more favourable! I’m a country gal; and I’m in my absolute element when the leaves are dark orange, there’s a chill in the air and I’m having a good old walk with Rupert exploring the countryside. Last week I was invited by Light* & Free to the countryside to explore the light and free lifestyle – the absolute Autumn lovers DREAM. Everything looks amazing when it’s dressed as Fall!

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Light* & Free hosted the country getaway to inspire a light and free lifestyle and outlook in the colder months. It’s no secret that we like to wrap up with a blanket and drink hot chocolate and watch endless amounts of cosy movies; but this year I’m going to keep adopt a more spontaneous lifestyle – out and about, embracing Autumn and Winter! Besides, it IS my favourite.

We were introduced to Light* & Free by Danone it’s the perfect treat for our ‘on-the-go’ generation and I immediately fell in love with the Peach-Passion Fruit flavour; a quick indulgence in the kitchen before we headed out for a guided walk around the beautiful vegetable gardens. It’s absolutely amazing to pick your own-grown produce and make a meal with it; from field to fork! Once back in the kitchen, we embarked on a cooking class. Cooking is something I love doing… I’m just not that great at it! Luckily we had an amazing chef to teach us and help along the way – as well as tasty yogurts for moral support! First, we made pickled baby beetroot out of the golden beetroots from the garden – followed by an Asian Fennel Slaw – something I’ve never made before! The other girls and I had such a fun afternoon cooking together and finally getting to eat our creations along with a beautifully prepared desert which I unfortunately didn’t get to eat! Nut allergy and all… NO WORRIES; the table was full with Light* & Free flavours and so I had one for pudding – as well as ice cream… The chef got me ice cream… Yay!

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Part of the Light & Free lifestyle is being fun and spontaneous, and whilst I love having fun (who doesn’t?!), and I love the colder weather, I’m not all that spontaneous. I’m a planner, a comfort zone stay-er kinda gal – but seeing as we were trying new things in the beautiful countryside, myself, Meg and Laila decided to embark on a little boat ride. Well, I had the ride, Laila did the rowing! We didn’t get off to a good start (just picture my shoe floating in the water…) but we ended up having so much fun on the water, and took in the gorgeous countryside views. Yay! We did it!

It was then time to relax in the main courtyard area by the fire, sunken down on comfy sofas and wrapped in blankets. We all had a little natter about things we love to do in the colder months and how we were now inspired to maintain the lifestyle learnt during the day.

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Things to do this Autumn and Winter:

  • Cook with your own produce
  • Take a countryside walk
  • Try new outdoor activities
  • Build a bonfire
  • Remember to enjoy the crisp cold air
  • Wrap up and go out
  • Harvest your own vegetables
  • Take a bike ride
  • Go apple picking
  • Take an early foggy walk
  • Take a cosy evening stroll
  • Eat a balanced diet (still treat yourself!)
  • Enjoy a country getaway
  • Have fun and embrace the seasons!

What’s your favourite time of year? What do you enjoy doing in Autumn/Winter? Have you tried Danone Light* & Free, which is your fave?!

Will you be adopting a light and free lifestyle in the colder months?

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