Rupert Turns 2!

Much like humans, dogs have Birthdays. It’s up to you whether you want to be that person and have an actual party. I’m that person. I love celebrating family members’ Birthdays and Rupert’s part of our family – today, my little prince turned 2! Whilst Rupert is my fur baby, the rest of my family absolutely adore him. When I decided it was the right time to bring a dog into my life, my parents told me it was also time to move out! They love dogs, though weren’t keen on the idea of one running round their house – understandable… but fast forward to now; if I go on short trips, you’ll find Rupert snuggled up in their bed. They LOVE him. He’s my absolute world, and two years ago today, he was born! Obviously I haven’t had him for two years yet, his ‘gotcha’ day is January 18th, and don’t worry, I’ll be celebrating that too!


Dogs really do change lives, give you a purpose, save us in so many ways. I couldn’t imagine life without him – he’s truly given me so much happiness, hope, love, laughter and meaning. He may just be a dog to some, but if you’re also a pet parent, you’ll understand they’re so much more than that! Every hour he’s made me laugh in some way; whether it’s because he’s managed to lie down on my office desk, lie down in the only sun spot or just doing a good old head tilt. He’s taught me so many things. Since having Rupert, I’ve not had as many problems as I used to; he gives me reason to get up in the morning, to leave the house, gives me so much confidence and makes it easier for me to talk to people when he’s with me. I don’t worry as much what people are thinking of me or if they’re judging me, because usually, they’re just looking at Rupert!

I ordered some bunting, some party hats, balloons and everything else; I don’t even care – I can’t wait to look back on these! Rupert has a tonne of toys already; so we ventured to Pet’s at Home yesterday and picked him up some treats, some ‘woofins’ (dog bakery muffins!) and I popped everything in a little basket. My family are coming later to bring him some bits and bobs they’ve purchased! Come on, first Grandchild and all!

rbday-4 rbday-7

I’ve already written a list on 20 things my dog has taught me, but I also just want to mention a few other happy things. Rupert has brought me close to many different people. I met one of my best friends Laura at a Tangle Teezer launch of their pug compact styler – she had two pugs (at the time! She’s just rescued another) Tilly and Lulu, and, with pug parents, you instantly connect. Since then, we’ve stayed at each others houses countless times, she had Rupert whilst I was in America, and I doubt we would have ever met if I didn’t have Rupert! So many things would be different if I didn’t have him, I hate to imagine! I love her girls like my own, Rupert loves his ladies too! I’ve also become friends with pug saviour BubbleBeccaPugs – if you haven’t seen her instagram before, do you even have instagram?! Becca rescues pugs and gives them another chance – she currently has… I want to say 26(?) pugs at her gorgeous home in Cheshire. I’ve gotten to know their stories, how she helps them, and have seen first hand the amazing work she does for them. There are so many more pug pals I’ve made, it’s amazing!

Rupert not only brings immense happiness to me, (and family, and my followers and everyone basically!) but when we’re out and about, at doggy pubs or on the train, on the bus or on staycations, people always come up to him and smile. ‘A pug!’ constantly gets shouted, so I smile and we go over to them. Usually children, they just adore him, he makes their day! And of course, dogs love the love and attention!

rbday-1 rbday-8 rbday-6 rbday-3rbday-9

Basically; I love Rupert more than anything. I can’t even put in to words what he’s done for me. He is the most loved and I feel the most loved in return. Happy Birthday little one!

Do you celebrate your pets Birthdays?!

I also wanted to take the time to mention a new campaign by WAHF (Wild At Heart Foundation) called ‘Paws For Thought’. It brings me to tears thinking about all the dogs that aren’t as loved as Rupert, haven’t found their forever home and are in need of so much. Whilst I already try and do my bit, I wanted you to also donate today to WAHF – or at least help raise awareness by tweeting or using your social platforms to share the info. I think we can all agree that if we could; our houses would be filled with dogs, giving them the love they deserve. WAHF works to compassionately reduce the world’s 600 million stray dog population through neuter, rescue and education initiatives. Please donate here. I always go back to the quote ‘when I needed a hand, I found your paw’, dogs really can rescue us whilst we rescue them.


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