Things Pug Owners ALWAYS Get Asked

The love of my life, my favourite little soul; has four paws, a wrinkly face, a curly tail and the most loving nature. Rupert the pug. Since he came into my life, and since making friends with fellow pug owners, we notice we constantly get asked the same questions. Now, I don’t mind one bit, talking about Rupert is the most natural and easiest thing for me to discuss – but I wanted to answer those questions for anyone wondering; and wanted to share with you the funny things we get asked on the daily! If you have a pug, let me know if you get asked any of these!


Rupert never gets left alone; meaning he’s with me (or occasionally my parents) 24/7 – whether that be on walks, on a bus, on the train, or at a restaurant – here’s what we always get asked:

  • Does he snore?

YES. He snores when he’s awake, when he’s asleep – there’s always little noises coming from pugs. When you can’t hear them; that’s when you need to check if they’re up to mischief! I don’t notice his snores anymore when we sleep – but it’s not constant snoring, a little stroke and a gentle nudge can stop it (for a while!) – they really are just like humans.

  • Is his name Frank / does he talk / ‘It’s the dog from Men In Black!

I hear this one ALL the time – now I’ve never actually seen MIB so when people first started asking me if his name was Frank I was rather puzzled! As well as people wondering if he spoke… you can imagine a confused me responding with ‘….um… nope?’. I think all dog owners though have their dogs voice in their heads; we know what they are thinking!

  • Does he always look sad?

Pugs are the most expressive dogs – their natural facial expression just generally looks a bit sad; but they are gorgeous! I know when he’s happy, confused, annoyed, impatient, in love, all by the expressions on his face! I think that’s why pugs make people smile so much; it’s all in their facial expressions – my personal fave is when I constantly talk to Rupert and ask him questions, and he responds with a ‘huh?’ eyebrows up and a head tilt. LOVE.

  • Did you know you’re covered in dog hair?

Yes I did thank you! Pugs leave little bits of love everywhere you go. Even if you’re in a different country and your pug is with your parents you will find a pug hair on a brand new coat. You just will. If you stroke him, or have him on your lap; you too will be sprinkled with fur! Brushing can help the amount of fur found on all your belongings, but it’s just a fact of life. Pugs shed!

  • Does he have lots of problems?

People often just generally state ‘they have a lot of problems don’t they’, and yes, just like all dogs they can have their problems if bred improperly or bad genes or just ill health; but Rupert has never had any problems of the sort. No breathing issues, weight issues, nothing. It’s also common in pugs to develop eye problems or infection in their wrinkles, but as long as you are prepared, have done your research and do what you’ve read those can be avoided! He’s only ever been to the vets for general check ups, the snip (soz buddy), and a paw-related injury in which his claw got caught – but it healed right away. Any pug owner will tell you they are the most brave breed; they can be in pain or just come out of surgery and as long as their human is there, they are the happiest! Have the courage of a pug we say. ‘We’ as if all pug owners are in a club… I actually think we are… we are always instantly best pals!

  • Is he well behaved?

So pugs have a reputation of being cheeky and stubborn; this is all personal to the particular dog and owner, but Rupert is extremely well behaved. He’s never gone to classes, never had any training, but I have to say I’ve done a bloody good job! He can be cheeky, and demanding when he wants his dinner; but 99% of the time he is a little curly tailed angel. People often praise how good he is off lead; and that’s because he wants to be as close to his people as possible! Even at pug meets he’ll be sat on my lap and only occasionally running around playing – he’s always by my feet! He’s perfect – he knows when I’m poorly and knows to just lay with me, he’s amazing with children and loves other people and their pooches. Basically; like any breed, they can be well behaved, and they can be cheeky!

  • Does he eat a lot?

Other than love his human; a pugs main goal in life is food. Finding food, eating food, stealing food, licking things, running at the speed of light when he hears food being opened, sitting down when he sees others eating in hopes he will get rewarded with their food, and being annoyed when I’ve eaten without him whilst he’s been asleep. You have to be careful though as they are prone to obesity – weigh their food, give treats in moderation, exercise daily (a 20 minute walk and a run around minimum!) and don’t give them your food! If you have a pug, you will know when you’re eating you constantly have two round eyes looking up at you; maybe attempting a trick or a high five – but you must resist! Basically; pugs would eat everything (and anything) if they could!

  • Is he friendly?

Are pugs friendly? Asking if a pug is friendly is like asking if it’s cold in Winter – YES!

  • Is his tongue always out like that?

Pugs tongues are pretty long; so they often poke out a little! So… yep! His tongue is out a lot! I think it’s a comfort thing for them as well; mostly when they’re asleep!


There we go! Those are the questions I always get asked! I love when people wanna chat to me about Rupert though – he’s my world. He is SO loved; and I am so loved.

Are you a dog owner?! What questions do you always get asked?

‘When I needed a hand, I found your paw’


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