8 Ways To Prep For The New Year

Granted, the year ends tomorrow and this may be pretty late – but some of these will take no time at all. Plus, I’m a firm believer in ‘every day is a new beginning’, so you could carry these out whenever you’re looking for a bit of a refresh; but the start of a new year is the fresh start we all need. The whole ‘new year, new me’ is pretty much just a fad – truth is, it’s a new year, but the same me and the same you – it’s just a new start because the calendar says so and probably something more scientific than that – but yes. Same us. There are however things we can do in preparation for our new start; to ensure we begin the year with the best possible foundations. I’ve put together a little list of 9 end of year traditions (that don’t include writing resolutions or singing Auld Lang Syne), to get us starting 2017 in the best way possible!

Everyone loves a good excuse for a clean page, for writing lists and releasing our inner life planner – what are you’re fave ways to prepare for a new beginning?



We all love a good bit of self-reflection. Ask yourself these questions;
1. What worked for me in 2016?
2. What didn’t?
3. How am I going to change it?

These can apply to pretty much every area of life, whether it be financial, professional, social, relationships, family, health, beauty, travel or just about anything. It may seem a bit overwhelming to literally examine every aspect of your life; but it’s such a great way to celebrate your own successes and understand what you need to do to prevent the same mistakes in the new year.

Also, reflect on what you are grateful for this past year – it’s been a bit of a sh*t one for the world; but it’s more than okay to list down your achievements, your favourite moments and your gratitude for a wonderful year.


Okay so I love this one. I am such a huge fan of tidying and organise and getting rid of stuff and having a good old refresh. I have a room in my house I like to call the ‘room of doom’ and I decided that just shutting the door would work wonders. I have to go in that room everyday; seeing as it’s my dressing room (or the room that has my clothes in it) but it just became a bit of a floordrobe and I’d spend every morning rummaging through my clothes or forgetting what I owned – adding more and more new purchases to it. A few days before Christmas I decided to tackle it. Turns out, it only took an hour and a half, a few bin bags, a trip to the charity shop and I was done! It’s finally it’s own room. It has two units for bags and two rails and decor and all! It’s not yet done – but it’s such a relief I now know what I actually own, what I actually *need* to purchase, and I have so much space in there now! These things really don’t take that long – just pop on your favourite album and have something to reward yourself after (netflix and snacks obv)

When decluttering; I think the easiest place to start is always your closet. What haven’t you worn much or at all this year? Bin or charity? Will you wear it again? It feels so good to get rid of things! You gotta be ruthless!

I also like to go through my makeup drawers in a big way. I do this a few times throughout the year but now is the perfect time for that DEEP cleanse. What’s past it’s sell by date? What don’t I use / like? Why on EARTH do I still have it? Would a friend like this? No one needs this amount of lipsticks or that amount of foundations – we only have one face!

Then, it’s time to go through the fridge, the cupboards, and just general stuff.

Once the decluttering has taken place – we can now move on to dusting, cleaning, hoovering… the deep clean basically! You’ll feel amazing afterwards; it’s incredible what I tidy and organised house can do for your mind! Plus, we can now see where needs working on, which room needs more decor and that’s the fun part! *immediately clicks on to Oliver Bonas, H&M and West Elm*



To keep this simple, unfollow those you don’t find enrich your timeline, are negative or you simply don’t wish to follow anymore. Unfriend those you don’t *really* know, and may have just accepted ’cause they were stood right next to you, and unfriend those you simply don’t wish to have in your new year.


There are quite a few people I’ve lost touch with, and I’m sure I’m not alone with this one. Make that call, write that text, just reconnect and rekindle that once amazing friendship. There are so many gals I simply don’t see due to busy schedules, or literally just unanswered texts. It’s easy to think someone’s super busy or living the dream or on cloud 9; that you may be worried to text as they’re too busy for example – but reality is, social media doesn’t reflect reality and nothing matches those face-to-face conversations they may desperately need. Arrange a lunch, and actually set a date; not just ‘let’s grab coffee sometime’. Right, time to make some plans!


There’s nothing quite like setting a goal or resolution too big, immediately failing and feeling really crappy about life or yourself. Instead, set realistic goals. Some of mine include going to bed, and waking up the same time everyday, staying in touch with people, keeping a gratitude journal, living in the moment, sticking to a schedule; and other do-able goals. I’ve actually done a video including 17 goals for 2017 that we can all do which you can find here on my youtube channel. What are some of your goals?


Me being me, I plan pretty much everything. That being said; a few days before the new year I like to get out my shiny new calendar and add some important dates, fill in already-made appointments, events and social gatherings. I then like to *make* more plans, things to look forward to and organise those lunches with friends. January is already looking exciting for me; with a trip to the theatre, a press trip to Paris, afternoon tea with my mum, my 22nd Birthday, talks at my high school, and more! It’s always nice to have plans written on the calendar and makes me feel organised and on top of things! What are your plans in January? I always like to have a few weeks off Youtube in January – just for a bit of a calmer start to the year – I’ve learnt that that’s what I need to do and I always allow myself to do that. Be kinder to yourself!



I’m talking massages, body scrub, oils, lotions, potions, face masks, hair masks, getting your nails done, your eyebrows done – just have a good old pamper and feel fresh ready for your fresh new year!


Buy something(s) for yourself that will enrich your new year. I always like to treat myself to an amazing diary or planner. There are some absolutely beautiful ones at the moment filled with helpful daily prompts and lists, and everything you could ever dream of for a planner. Alternatively, you could treat yourself to a gym membership, or make that appointment with a therapist, buy a pair of comfortable shoes – just anything that will help make 2017 amazing for you. You know what you need and you know what your budget will allow. So buy it!


So, will you be doing any of these things in the next few days? What do you do to prep for a new year?! What are your NYE plans?!

Here’s to a happy, healthy and successful 2017!





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