The Importance Of Gratitude & Christmas With A Grateful Heart

For about three years now I’ve followed a beautiful stationery and homewares Instagram account of the most gorgeous store ever – but being located in Australia meant I could just take inspo from the flatlays and interiors they captured. Last Christmas much to my delight – they opened their very own store in Covent Garden and I haven’t been able to keep away since! It’s such a dream. I am of course talking about kikki.K – ‘At kikki.K we embrace the Swedish design principles of form and function to bring you seasonal collections of delicious stationery, gorgeous gifts and organisation solutions.’ Not only do they have a lovely message to share; kikki.K is the most dreamy destination to find the most beautiful of gifts for all your loved ones.


This year, kikki.K want us all to celebrate Christmas with a grateful heart even more than ever. The festive season is my absolute favourite – simply because everyone comes together and I can be with my loved ones and go ‘home home’ and bake delish foods with my sister – and constantly ask my Mum if ‘this yule log can be eaten now or is it for Christmas?!’ It’s the perfect time to stop and show appreciation for the people in our lives that make it so special – and that’s what truly fills this time of year with so much joy. I often talk about writing letters to those I appreciate; telling them how they’ve impacted on me; and why I’m grateful to have them in my life. Who’s made a positive difference to your year? Who are you grateful for? How are you going to show them? It’s no secret that my Mum, Dad and Sister (and Rupert, obvz) are my absolute world and I’d be no where without them. It’s so important to me that they know this; I’m going to do my absolute best to show them my gratitude – my love for them is infinite –  and their love for me makes me feel whole, safe and lucky AF. Love you guys.

To inspire everyone to share the gratitude this year, kikki.K have shared their Gratitude Challenge in hope it helps us to think about all the wonderful people and things in our lives. So wherever you are in the world, be inspired to make this Christmas meaningful and celebrate with a grateful heart.

Something I want to start in the New Year is a Gratitude Journal. I’ve actually purchased a few of these for friends too; it’s such an important quality to have, but also reflecting on people and things and why we are grateful for them and the experiences we have is such a meaningful practise and something to look back on on our days where we feel lost or lonely.

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  1. the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness.


Some of my favourite things in their gratitude challenge include –

  • Organise a Secret Santa amongst friends
  • Volunteer or donate
  • Reflect and list 10 moments or memories you’re grateful for
  • Connect with someone you haven’t in a while
  • Call someone to tell them you love them
  • Reflect and list 10 people you’re grateful for

As mentioned; I’m going to put pen to paper and write letters to those I love and appreciate – telling them they’ve made a difference and how grateful I am for them. Who wouldn’t want to receive a handwritten letter telling them why they’re important? I know I would. I love writing, and this writing set is just perfect for putting all thoughts and thanks down. In a world of social media and where a quick text, whatsapp, tweet, Facebook message and so on ‘will do’, there’s something so much more meaningful about receiving a letter through your door. I often go back to my old high school; somewhere that was only made okay with thanks to some very special teachers – who went above and beyond their role as a teacher – I tell them constantly how amazing they are and what a difference they’ve made to my life so far. I often go in to do assemblies or talks; but it always results in me staying hours after having a natter with those I love and teachers I’m now very good friends with (though I still struggle to call them by their first names lol!)

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I have so many special people in my life; my family, my friends, the list is endless. They will be receiving letters of love and appreciation this season so they know how much they mean to me; maybe it will inspire you to tell people how much they mean to you. If someone has made a positive difference to your year, why not tell them? Pay it forward and make a positive impact to others in 2017.

To finish; I’m grateful for you – for reading this post, for supporting, and for allowing me to do what I love – thank you thank you thank you!

If you’re as behind on Christmas gifts as I am this year, you’ll want to check out kikki.K’s amazing selection of stationery, homeware, accessories and more! How will you show people you’re grateful for them? How do you show gratitude?

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Thank you so much to kikki.K for these beautiful gifts and for allowing me to work with them on this wonderful campaign




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