10 Beauty Products Worth Trying This Winter

I love the Winter and the colder months; but sometimes my usual beauty products don’t. My hands get dry, my lips get dryer, and my hair can get pretty dry too. My face feels dull and tired, my eyes need waking up and I just feel a bit lacklustre. There are however some beauty saviours that are worth trying out this Winter; some of my favourite pick me ups to help beat what the Winter does to me! Here are 10 beauty products worth trying this Winter. What do you reach for in the colder months?

Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream

I love this stuff all year round, but especially in Winter. It’s so hydrating and it’s the brands iconic light-textured, up to 24-hour moisturizer that helps skin feel comfortable and well-balanced. In the colder months when my skins a lot more dry, I use this all over the face – though in Summer I can find it a bit heavy if the weather’s humid. A little goes a really long way so if you’re concerned about the higher price point, you really do get your moneys worth – I started my tub over a year ago now. At first I just used what had latched on to the lid, just popping a teeny amount on my skin and moisturising it in – you really do need the smallest amount! It works for a great day and night moisturiser too – so ideal for travel if you don’t want to take one for each.

Roger & Gallet Aura Mirabilis Extra Fine Cleansing Mask

Contrary to its name, the Extra Fine Cleansing Mask doesn’t have to be left on as a mask at all – it can be used for dual purposes: a makeup remover (and)/or a mask! As a cleanser, it’s one of my favourite types – a soft gel / balm formula that melts into the skin turning quite oily when massaged in, and then milky when mixed with water, making for easy makeup removal. If left on, it works as a detoxifying mask too! I love to use it as a mask if I’ve had a no-makeup day – it really works in to the skin and I leave it on when in the bath. I then rinse it off and my skin feels amazing, so cleansed, super soft, and ‘awakened!’ – it’s such a luxurious but affordable product; suitable for sensitive skin too! Oh I do love a good multi-purpose product!

Lush Rose Lollipop Lip Balm

I love a lip balm, and this one is my current favourite. I love the smell and how it feels like it gently exfoliates (not as harshly as the lip scrubs) as you apply it. It’s quite a thick balm but the thickness allows it stay on for a long time throughout the day or at night. I do wish it was a bit creamier – I think that would make it easier to apply – but I adore it regardless. It softens, smooths and moisturises the lips and has a light, floral fragrance. My lips get really dry in the Winter months and this truly has improved the dryness that nothing else has – it almost feels like a face mask for your lips! It’s also really handy to pop in your bag, and the packaging is super cute too!

L’Occitane Almond Delicious Hands Hand Cream

I do love a good hand cream; my hands tend to be cold and dry in Winter (cold hands, warm heart and all) and I just adore L’Occitane. Enriched with almond milk and almond oil, the silky-smooth cream helps to nourish and soften the hands – it’s not greasy; therefore perfect for hydrating hands throughout the day. Like all L’Occitane products, it has the most lovely and delicate fragrance that is not over-powering, but has a great lasting effect when used. The Almond hand cream is just perf to use when your hands need that extra bit of a ‘pick me up’ when they’re dry! It’s become part of my daily routine to apply it and I’ve noticed such a difference in my hands – once dry and sensitive, now soft AF!

Charlotte Tilbury Wonder Glow

This primer does wonderful things. I use it as a primer, but it can be used for different purposes too! It works wonders on tired, dull or dehydrated skin and gives you that instant glow we all need from time to time during the Winter! As mentioned, I use it underneath my foundation, but you can wear it on its own for a relaxed, effortlessly dewy look, or, on top of makeup throughout the day to give your skin an instant pick-me-up – I haven’t tried that yet – do let me know if you have! It also has other magical scientific anti-aging properties and disguises wrinkles as well as correcting skin tone. As you can tell; I’m not very ‘scientific’ when it comes to beauty products. It’s a bloomin’ good primer and that’s all you need to know! I love using it on it’s own too for a natural, fresh faced but perfected look – ideal for the no makeup vibe, except your skin looks airbrushed and awake!

Clinique Even Better Eyes

Okay so. The Christmas holidays are over and we are all tired. Our eyes are tired, dry and just… not awake. This has become my best pal. It has the power to brighten the appearance of the entire eye area and the plumping hydration makes thin eye-area skin appear less transparent. The cooling massage tip awakens and refreshes tired-looking eyes and instantly brightens all skin tones. I use it twice a day, and when I use it in the evening, the next morning my eyes feel smooth and rested – and when used in the morning, it refreshes and brightens my eye area – so I look like I’ve slept super well, even if I was on Pinterest ’til the early hours! It hydrates, brightens and corrects dark circles – who doesn’t need this?!

Topshop Highlight in ‘Sun Warrior’

Sometimes we just want that glow that Summer gives us. I am obsessed with highlighters and I’ve been raving about this one for a while! I can’t seem to find it online but I’ve definitely seen it in store recently. Topshop makeup is honestly such a hidden gem – it’s one of my faves but I know so many are yet to try anything. Whilst I love their lip products; I think this highlight is my new hero product. It’s so affordable and the amount of product you get is amazing – even though I use it every day I can’t imagine ‘hitting pan’ anytime soon! It’s a beautiful powder highlight (they do liquid, cream and cream stick highlighters too!) in the perfect highlighting shade – a light champagne shade – not too gold, not too silver, but champagne – ideal for all skin tones. It’s definitely a dupe alternative to theBalm Mary Lou-maniser – and man do I love that stuff!

Charlotte Tilbury Eyes To Mesmerise in ‘Marie Antoinette’

This one is a really new product for me. I actually got it in the Charlotte Tilbury advent calendar and fell in love with it straight away. In fact; I’ve worn it every day since! It’s a super quick, super easy ‘swipe on’ eye look – a cream eyeshadow in the most perfect bronze shade. A quick application of that all over the lid, with a darker powder shadow for the crease and I’m done! It’s my current go-to eye look and I don’t think I’d have ever thought to purchase one seeing as there are so many drugstore alternatives – but nothing matches the colour, the texture, the staying power of its quality. Such a gorgeous product!

Percy & Reed Wonder Balm

Wonder Balm is one of my staple hair products. I use even more of it in the colder months as my hair tends to go a bit dry – boo! You can apply this to wet or dry hair – I prefer to apply it on wet hair and let it air dry – it gives such a soft and smooth result – I find it goes a little tacky / sticky on dry hair but perhaps I haven’t got the amount quite right! Unlike other hair products, you apply this root to tip, with extra concentration on the ends. You may be gasping at the idea of applying product to the roots – especially if your hair tends to get quite greasy – but the Wonder Balm doesn’t add any weight, heaviness or grease to the hair. It also smells absolutely incredible and lingers for days! Plus, it makes the perfect product for a blow out – pop it on wet hair; then blow-dry – looks profesh! Especially with the Tangle Teezer blow-dry brush – a winning combo!

Replica ‘Flower Market’ Fragrance

This probably isn’t the first scent that comes to mind when thinking of Winter – it would probably be more apt in Spring – but theres just something I love about wearing it now. It’s very feminine and girly. I love how the scent lingers throughout the day, and how it easily captures happy memories. Whenever I wear it I’m reminded of happy thoughts, and I just want to frolic through a field of flowers – something I’m perhaps wishing for hence why I love it in the cold months? But I love the cold months… IDK! I’m always complimented when  I wear it and constantly getting stopped and asked about the fragrance I’m wearing. I feel like a floral lady. But not a sickly, powdery ‘old lady’ (soz, it’s deffo a descriptive phrase) floral kind of smell – it’s just lovely, and smells like real flowers. It’s light, floral, not overpowering and lasts all day on the skin – it’s such a luxurious perfume!

What are your go-to products in the Winter time? Will you be trying any of these beauty bits during the colder months? They’re really worth trying!




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