5 Things To Do In January

It’s the first month of the year; oh hey January – how ya doing?! It feels like January was just a few months ago, how has it rolled back around so quickly?! I recently did a post on 8 ways to prep for the new year, so I suppose that can factor in here as well; but these five things are more things I’m doing – but ofc I’m hoping they inspire you! What are your plans for the month? So many people detest January; Christmas is over, time to go back to work, it’s cold, tax stuffs, adult stuffs, blah blah blah. I for one quite enjoy January! It’s a new start, it’s my Birthday month, and y’all know I much prefer the cold! Here are five things I want to do this month.

Yup, your girl is turning 22 on the 28th of January! I’ve never felt any different as the years go on, but I’m pretty pleased to be turning 22! Anytime I’m asked my age or need to state my age I’m greeted with a ‘ah I wish’ or a giggle and a ‘no seriously’ type thing – yes, some may think I look older but I’m not one of these middle aged women joking that I’m 21?! Anyway, this means I can also blast out T Swifts ’22’ and it be legit. I find Birthdays a bit awkward and usually head off to Disneyland for a few days with friends of family; but seeing as I just went this Christmas (and had the best time ever, see here) I don’t really know what to do. I’m having a London staycation with my pal Laura to celebrate both our Birthdays mid month, and going for afternoon tea with my Mum at Harrods the day after my Birthday… but on the actual day? I’d probably just love a long walk with my family and Rupert, games, lunch out, dinner out, and Bingo?! Love it. Do you find your own Birthday awkward?! When will I grow out of it?! It lands on a Saturday which is perf because my family will all be free!

I love my house. This month I really want to focus on each room and make it just lovely. Homes are always a work in progress and never quite complete; but some of my walls are still bare and need a bit more ‘becca’ action! Since the Christmas decs have been taken down things look a bit… sad. I’ve already sorted my ‘room of doom’ into a functioning dressing room (just need to take more clothes to charity shops) and rearranged my living room furniture. I’m hoping to add a little dining table and chairs so I can eat at an actual table – exciting stuff! I’ve also ordered a few new bits as well, including brushed gold light pendants (anyone else going off copper?!) to replace my copper cage pendants throughout the house, lots of gold accessories from H&M, a huge new rug, cushions, and a teepee for Rupert for the living room too. Much excite! I’ve put up new shelves in my bathroom for more storage, ready for gold baskets full of Lush bits, and re-vamped my bed! I’m struggling to know what to have above my headboard though! I’d appreciate any ideas!

Me Time
I always take the first few weeks of January off filming and uploading Youtube videos. It’s super important for me to have that little break to get inspired and re-motivated and almost begin again. As you can tell; I’m still typing up blog posts which I adore, and working on other projects – but just taking a wee break from the Youtube side of things for a couple of weeks! I like to take this month to focus on me, to brainstorm ideas and think of what I want to achieve, to plan and to organise – but also to just have a good old break. Pop on Netflix, paint my nails, write lists, you get the idea! One of my goals is to listen to my mind and body, to take time out when I feel burnt out and allow myself to do so without feeling guilty. What do you do during your ‘me time’?

This one speaks for itself. Read. I have so many books in my ‘to read’ pile and I want to actually read them. I’ve gotten into the habit of picking one up and reading a few chapters and then putting it back on the shelf – not through lack of enjoyment, but because I have so many I want to enjoy each one… all at once apparently! What’s in your current pile? Each evening for the past few days I’ve been reading ‘Peggy and Me’ by Miranda Hart – much enjoy – I keep it by my bedside which seems to be working – yay!

Start Something New
I have a few projects beginning soon and I can’t wait to get started. I’m in the planning stages right now and can’t really talk about much! But it’s so important to do things that excite you, and make you want to create and brainstorm ideas and get your braincells dancing. Something I can mention however is I’m going back to my High School! I’ve already gone back a few times in 2016 to do a few assemblies, but I’m going back to do more talks, but also to do a few terms of PSE sessions with a group of students struggling with anxiety, stress, body image and such. It’s something I’m so passionate about and I’m so excited to begin. It’s amazing to have gone full circle; I was one of those students once, now hopefully I can help!

So, those are five things I want to do in January and do well! I’m also going on a press trip to Paris and catching up with lots of pals! All very exciting. ‘January Blues’ only occur if you let them! What are your goals for this month?


  • The first bit about rearranging your home has definitely motivated me to do so too! I’m never totally happy with things in my home so should definitely spend some time getting rid of old things and sprucing the place up a bit! X

  • As a fellow January baby I love this month – I love that I have an excuse to not become a total recluse for a month, I love the cold weather and the eager anticipation of the years first snowfall!

    This month I’m looking forward to getting organised, to reading more and starting the year on a high!

    Emma | HarmonyBlaze.co.uk

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