A Little Post Of Positivity: Gals You Need To Follow

It’s so important in life to support one another; to share successes and congratulate each other on them. The online world should be no different, but we still see indirects on Twitter, shade on Instagram and full blown blog posts tearing others down. Each to their own, but, why tear someone down when you can build them up? I find it absolutely lovely if a fellow blogger / youtuber – big or small – shares a video of mine, a post, leaves comments, gives me a thumbs up – supporting each other is what it’s all about. I suppose we all compare ourselves to others in the same field – but don’t let that turn into nastiness or bitterness. Turn it into motivation, into messages of support and kindness – don’t let jealousy change your character. I’ve wanted to put together a post like this for a while now, so I’m finally sitting down to do so. Please note: everyone deserves support and love and kindness; I just wanted to select a small amount that I want to share with you and why they inspire me. I’d love to know who and why you follow and support specific bloggers and youtubers – send me a lil tweet and we can spread positivity there, too. Just tweet your inspo’s with #LightAnother

People often forget that kindness is free – so share it.

A candle loses nothing by lighting another

In no particular order; let’s go!

Louise Pentland (Sprinkle Of Glitter)
Youtube: Sprinkleofglitter 
Blog: Sprinkle Of Glitter
Twitter: Louise (@LouisePentland) 
Instagram: sprinkleofglitr (@louisepentland)

I can’t even tell you how long I’ve been a viewer/reader of Louise. Well, I can – all the way back to preggo Louise chatting to her webcam! A baby, a blog, and (nearly) three books later – she’s legit such an inspiration. Let’s think about this – she’s also had her own clothing lines with Simply Be, been on tour with Louise Live, now got a DVD and I can’t bloomin’ wait to read her latest venture; Wilde. I’ve always been a huge supporter of Louise – I love how 2016 was the year she ‘rebranded’ and became… raw?! We were seeing the very real Louise before – but now we’re seeing even more so – fanny waxes and all! (hearing about – not seeing that one). I love her approach to motherhood – and Darcy is such a credit to her fab Mumma! Basically – I love Louise – I’ve have had the pleasure to meet her a few times and I would very much like to be her pal. I’ve also just remembered she met the Pope. Casual. Normal. Woah. Something I also love about Louise is yes, she’s very much a sprinkle of glitter, a ray of sunshine, positive and the likes, but she also shares the shit with us too – and makes our shit seem like it’s normal shit and makes it so we can eventually laugh at the shit. Love it. Something I often get told by other Youtubers or PR’s is that I remind them of Louise, and, I’ll take that. I’ll take that indeedy!

Hollie Brooks (We The Unicorns)
Publication: http://www.wetheunicorns.com
Personal Twitter: https://twitter.com/HollieAnneB

So one of the people behind We The Unicorns – a sort of online magazine about Youtubers – amazing – is Hollie. She’s such a great role model for those wanting to be in journalism and she works bloomin hard at it too. I’ve met Hollie a couple of times now and had the best time with her and some pals at Winter Wonderland – so many lols! Hollie also writes mental health features and many of her tweets are to do with MH, positivity and Youtubers. I’ve also recently discovered her wonderful blog – thenavigation.co – it’s relatable AF.

Let’s root for each other and watch each other grow

Jodie (Just Jodes)
Youtube: Just Jodes 
Blog: Just Jodes
Twitter: https://twitter.com/just_jodess
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/just_jodes/

My little Jodes. One of my best friends. Love this gal. She has one of the most fastest growing Youtube channels like ever – it’s incredible! I actually met Jodie at a brunch hosted by Boohoo – she kept giving Rupert little bits of salmon and I believe my first words to her were ‘such Just Jodes’ – to which she now tells me she was incredibly excited that I knew who she was – hehe. Long story short – we clicked, she’s lived with me, we tell each other everything and she’s like a sister to me. We have so much in common it’s crazy! Her Youtube channel is full of fun, laughter, challenges, testing brands and so much more – y’all don’t just have to believe me, you can see just how many people love her by her fast AF ever growing audience! I couldn’t be prouder of her – through everything she experiences; she loves her channel and her audience – it truly is her life! She’s so kind and supportive and she’s gonna smash 2017.

Laura (loulabeth)
Blog: http://www.loulabeth.co.uk
Twitter: https://twitter.com/loulabethx
Instagram: loulabeth
Pugs Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tillyandlulupugs/

Another of my best friends. I can’t believe I’ve known Laura for less than a year – but already so many memories have been made and she truly is a friend for life. Righty; again, I met Laura at an event – this one was an intimate afternoon tea hosted by Tangle Teezer for the launch of their pug brush. The funny thing is; I knew who her pugs were (their instagram is adorable) but that was all! We chatted for ages and then walked our babies and had coffee. Ever since then? I talk to her everyday. Laura’s instagram is one of my favourites – it’s full of beauty and homeware and of course; pugs! She’s recently hit 12k (which I coudn’t believe wasn’t higher!) and I watch her insta-stories before anyone elses! I’ve lost count at how many times I’ve stayed at her (bloody beautiful) house, but it’s always the best time! We photograph, plan, pug walk, have too many Costa’s – I love it! She works so hard and I want nothing more that her to do what she loves full time! Laura is one of the loveliest people I’ve ever met; she’s so supportive I can’t even tell you. She would also do literally anything for anyone – when Rupert had a little paw-related injury whilst we were at hers, I was worried about the trains and travelling through London – she drove us 5 hours home. I can’t thank her enough. She’s such a gem. Laura is also the only person I trusted to look after Rupert whilst I was in America in the Summer!

Hannah Gale
Youtube: Hannah Gale – YouTube
Blog: Hannah Gale
Twitter: Hannah Gale (@Hannahfgale) · Twitter
Instagram: Hannah Gale (@hannahfgale)

Hannah is someone I’ve followed for a couple of years – but never really put a face to the name. I loved her posts and always saved them – but I never knew really who she was. UNTIL I KNEW. She lives in Suffolk. WOO! We then started bumping into each other more in London and were of course able to get the train home together too. She is a TOTAL inspo in many ways – I love her attitude to life, to blogging, her work ethic – it’s just all very fab. If you wanna have some reassurance on certain things and you’re in your 20’s, you’ll love her list posts, she’s got you covered! Her photography is amazing, and you could just scroll through her blog for hours. Hannah’s recently started Youtube (YAY) and I love her very normal but girlboss vlogs – and also hauls – even more outfit inspo! HG’s instagram is also beautiful! Full of food and flatlays and cats and ootd’s – it’s v aesthetically pleasing. Hannah’s just so lovely and we’ve been meeting up to take outfit photos and eat food (all the food) and just chat – it’s so great to have someone living in your area that GETS IT. I also have to give a quick mention to her immense posing skills – if you’ve ever seen that GIF or video of that guy posing and changing poses every second with a caption like ‘when the taxi arrives but you haven’t taken pictures’ – that’s basically Hannah and it’s amazing. She gives no shits and just knows what she wants – I love it!

Anyone can find the dirt in someone. Be the one who finds the gold

Gracie (Grace Victory)
Youtube: Grace F Victory – YouTube
Blog: Gracie Francesca | The Internet’s Big Sister
Twitter: Gracie 🖤 (@GraceFVictory) · Twitter
Instagram: Gracie Francesca (@gracefvictory) 

Gracie. I’ve followed Grace since the beginning. I found her so real and unlike any other Youtuber I watched. Fast forward a couple of years – we are good friends and, Grace has been very busy…! She makes it no secret that she suffers with her mental health – Grace speaks openly about it and other taboos others may not mention – making these things feel easier to talk about among her viewers. Through all of her struggles; Grace continues to help and inspire all that follow her. I mean just recently she’s done two BBC documentaries, presented her own show on MTV, won awards… countless things. I still think however her biggest achievements are allowing young people to feel comfortable in their own skin, to open up, to speak out, all thanks to Grace. Rightly so, Gracie was awarded Most Inspiring Role Model for InStyle Magazine’s Project 13 – she was shot by Rankin and my goodness those photos though. Gracie is a dedicated body image campaigner and has modelled beautifully in plus size campaigns – while she still struggles with her own body image, again, that doesn’t stop her empowering others. One of my fave projects of hers was the recent L’Oreal campaign; breaking down racial barriers in beauty and, just below Cheryl Cole, there’s our Grace! She really is internets big sister – and such a necessary person to be in this online world.

Zoe Sugg (Zoella)
Youtube: Zoella – YouTube
Blog: Zoella
Twitter: Zoë (@Zoella) · Twitter
Instagram: Zoella (@zoella) 

We all know Zoe – I find it almost silly that I’ve even linked her platforms! Zoe has shown everyone such an incredible journey of growth not only as a human but also as an online human too. People know what a blogger and a youtuber are thanks to Zoe. She’s such an inspiration to every single blogger, and to millions of people worldwide watching her. I mean… three books, endless beauty products with her name on, a homeware range, a waxwork in Madame Tussauds, a book club, countless awards… I can’t even list it all – she really is incredible. I especially love her latest Blogosphere cover and feature – we really saw a different side of Zoe and it inspired me even more! Throughout all her struggles, all the press, she’s dealt with everything with dignity and grace and remains completely humble which is just lovely. Zoe does a lot of work with the mental health charity Mind and I couldn’t even tell you how many people she’s inspired to speak up. Basically; I’m just as big of a fangirl as you!

Ellie (TheElleNextDoor)
Youtube: The Elle Next Door – YouTube
Blog: the Elle next door
Twitter: Ellie Adams (@ellenextdoor) · Twitter
Instagram: Ellie / The Elle Next Door (@ellenextdoor) 

Luckily, I can call this gal a friend too. Ellie is one of the loveliest most genuine people I’ve met – she’s so supportive and she’s just such a ray of sunshine. We used to shoot together a lot and eat food at pretty cafes and just chat about life – to be rekindled in 2017 – but Ellie you see, is a very busy lady indeed! In 2016 I don’t even know how many places she travelled, how many brand collaborations she got and just how many booked up days she had – she is on fire! We went to Belfast together with a few other faves for a fun AF 24 hour trip with Pantene and it was so lovely to frolic again! Ellie recently did a post on how difficult her year has been – and from an outsider looking in – it’s easy to see her trips and events and smiles and see that as her reality; but her ever so real post was extremely brave and just proved how wonderful she is. I think Ellie is fab. She works so bloomin’ hard and it’s all paying off – her posts read like you’re her best pal; I love a casual chatty blog style! Her Youtube channel needs a shit tonne more subscribers – and her instagram is just one of my favourites. You can live all your glamorous needs through it! I can’t wait to see what Ellie’s gonna achieve this year!

Liv Purvis (What Olivia Did)
Youtube: What Olivia Did – YouTube
Blog: What Olivia Did…
Twitter: Olivia Grace (@livpurvis) · Twitter
Instagram: Olivia (@livpurvis) 

Liv is just… everything goals. I know for a fact I have outfit pictures of hers saved on my old laptop from about 5 years ago – and still to this day I pin her looks on my Pinterest. She’s just lovely in all the ways. I adore her style, her photography, her blog style, Liv is just fab! She’s recently started a Youtube channel which I just love – especially her fashion videos because as mentioned – I very much stalk her outfits – but also loved her record collection! Though I was such a huge Liv fan anyway; I never expected the love and kindness she showed be in the Summer of 2015 (very specific, I know). I was burgled that Summer – and my entire family were on holiday in Italy – and I couldn’t stay in my emptied, ransacked house; and so stayed with my wonderful Grandma. I didn’t really know where to go or what to do with myself; and whilst many many bloggers and youtubers reached out with ‘if there’s anything I can do’, Liv went above and beyond. I appreciated every message of support; but they aren’t often the things you can follow through on. Liv literally set out a plan and invited me to stay with her as long as I needed; as well as giving a huge amount of advice and love; seeing as the same thing had unfortunately happened to her, too. Whilst I decided to stay at my Grandmas – I’ll never forget Liv and those messages that day. We didn’t really know each other (still don’t really, I WANNA BE REAL GOOD PALS) but she still offered up her home and friendship and I could tell the offer was real and genuine and not a ‘shout if you need anything’. She’s just lovely. In need of outfit inspo? Liv. Just Liv. She’s also just passed her driving test and I really want to feel able to do mine… C’mon Becca!

Sam & Nic Chapman (Pixiwoo)
Youtube: pixiwoo – YouTube
Blog: Pixiwoo.com
Twitter: Sam Chapman (@Pixiwoos) · Twitter / Nic Haste (Chapman) (@nixiepixi) · Twitter
Instagram: Sam Chapman (@pixiwoos) / Nicola Haste Chapman (@nixiepixi1)

Sam and Nic Chapman; otherwise known online as Pixiwoo. The sisters are honestly one of my biggest inspirations in just about every aspect of life, having had the pleasure of meeting them a few times and feeling just amazed at how they really are absolutely flawless, hard working business women – and quite possibly the nicest ladies I’ve ever met. I hand on heart love everything they do – from their videos and website, to their brushes, their gorgeous families, and their endless projects (RT, their book, their DVD… to name a few!). I admire them greatly for their obvious makeup artist talents but also for their clear hard word on all things Pixiwoo. I am always shown such kindness and could happily chat to them for hours – the dream! (actually no, the dream would be to have them do my makeup. Okay. Woah). I relate so much to Sam and her struggles and recently, her breast reduction video was a real eye opener. Being a woman of breast – I have always had the idea of a reduction in the back of my mind – every problem Sam was listing were the problems I have – I can’t count how many times I’ve watched it but it’s really brought me comfort in knowing someone I respect and love has had one – and has made me feel comfortable with the idea. Moving on from boobs though, I can’t wait to see Sam and Nic’s next venture and what they come up with next – what truly inspiring ladies!

Spread love as thick as you would Nutella

Fleur (FleurDeForce)
Youtube: Fleur DeForce – YouTube
Blog: Fleur De Force
Twitter: Fleur (@FleurDeForce) · Twitter
Instagram: Fleur De Force (@fleurdeforce) 

Fleur was the first person I ever watched on Youtube. I was searching for hairstyles for school when I was about 16 – and I came across Fleur – the original inspo for my own Youtube channel! Since then; she’s grown into such an inspirational business woman and I love and support everything she does. She’s not changed in the slightest since day one and remained the fun, lovely, hardworking FleurDeForce I first subscribed to. I especially love her books, and her beauty products – pretty much all her projects really! We were recently both on a trip with Avon and on the train journey I was just singing her praise; and told her how inspiring she is to me – maybe a bit cringe but it was fine; trust me! Then in a taxi the driver was asking what we all do; and I literally just announced all of Fleurs achievements and everything she does – which is of course, a lot! It was so much fun getting to know her more – I just wish she hadn’t seen me fall of a Segway. Twice. Lol. I can’t wait to see what Fleur’s latest projects are – I’m sure knowing her she’s working on a dozen things already! Including relaunching BrideDeForce! Just in time for my Sisters wedding!

There’s a little round up of some fab gals you all need to follow; and here’s a few more!

Beckie, Jemma, Gee, Shirley, Carly, Stephanie, Meg, Meg, Patricia, Hayley, Lauren, Mandy, Brogan, Em, Charissa, Gemma, Liza, Lily, Callie, Danielle, and so many more!

Just because I haven’t mentioned someone – doesn’t mean they don’t inspire me in some way; I could have been writing this post for days. I hope this inspires you to share the love and let people in the online world that they inspire you. If you tweet; let’s use #LightAnother

Photos by my Dad

Shop the outfit

Jumper – Primark
Coat – New Look
Jeans – New Look
Loafers – ASOS
Bag – Gucci
Scarf – Primark


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