IDK About You, But I’m Feelin’ 22!

Pals. I turned 22 on Saturday. Another year older, another year to wing life! I find Birthdays really strange; I struggle with having a day solely focused on me and my reactions to opening presents – I have ever since I was little, does anyone else get super nervous?! It’s just another day – but a day filled with presents and happiness and cake and food and cake. And also more cake. As I’ve gotten older, Birthdays have become a lot more relaxed with no stress of parties or invites or expectations! The last few years have involved Disneyland, London or simply a family day at home – lovely!

This weekend was my favourite kind of weekend. I woke up at home home to my parents singing Happy Birthday and Rupert wondering what on earth was going on, lols. We all went out to brunch at one of my fave spots and got some fresh farm shop flowers (always a lil treat!), followed by a lovely long walk (to tire out my Rupert bear, he loves wrapping paper), opened amazing presents, played games, movies, a takeaway, and bingo with my sister. Soz, we love bingo. Perfect! Then on the Sunday, my mum and I went off to London to Harrods for afternoon tea – The Georgian restaurant is the ONE! I was also treated to a few more birthday surprises – eeeeee! If you’re subscribed to my Youtube channel; you’ll see what I got for my Birthday in a week or two! Also shout out to my sister for the amazing red velvet cake – GET IN MA FACE. Girl had two cakes this year!

I feel no different being 22; but now that I don’t have to say I’m 21 anymore, hopefully I won’t get the ‘you wish!’ ‘no, srsly’ convo. Plus, I can sing T Swift all day long!

So; what do I wanna do this year whilst I’m 22? Here are 22 little personal goals for this year! Different ones to my new year goals, k?! Those ones are well under way, let’s start this as a Birthday refresh; things I forgot to list as a goal etc etc!

  1. Know that it’s okay to say no

2. Learn to drive and stop using epilepsy as an excuse

3. Look after myself

4. Be more selfish – this is the perfect age to be!

5. Book that doctors appointment

6. Get into the habit of reading before bed

7. Treat myself more!

8. Make more plans with friends

9. Have dinner with my family more (mums cooking beats everything)

10. Cook more myself

11. Actually learn to cook

12. Use my voice

13. Go on more staycations and find new dog friendly places

14. Be a girl boss and stay motivated to do so

15. Cheer others on, more than I do now

16. Be kinder than is necessary

17. Use my experiences to help others, even if it’s hard

18. Learn how to pose for outfit photos and shoot more (Hannah this involves you)

19. Write weekly plans and prioritise

20. Quality, not quantity


22. Don’t be envious, feel insecure or jealous. Be a go-getter, a well wisher, a hustler etc etc!

What do you all think about Birthdays? When’s yours? Have you surpassed 22? What did you do that year?

Righty, back to eating Birthday cake and singing Taylor Swift!

Photos by my Dad

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