Reasons Why I Love January


Literally everyone I speak to hates January. They despise the cold, (not me, I prefer it!) the constant talk of diets and self-improvement pressures, the month of ‘ugh’, and basically suffer from the January blues. Instead of ruling it out as a bit of a month of ‘no’, instead say YES to all the possibilities it holds. January is filled with planning, and is where we find our most optimistic selves in our resolutions and goals – a month of motivation! Who begrudges the chance of a new start? January has gotten a really bad rep; it immediately follows the happiest time of the year, parties, family, and nobody telling you you can’t eat chocolate in the mornings. But, I love it! It always brings round a new beginning, a chance to move on and use the old ‘ah that was last year’ excuse. It’s a great month to refresh our minds and feel more motivated to achieve those goals.

Here are some of the reasons I think January is actually, pretty fab.
1. It’s my Birthday. Woo! Gal turns 22 on the 28th!
2. I brought Rupert home in January – it’s his ‘gotcha’ day on the 18th (nearly 2 years now!)
3.  Winter wardrobe shopping!
4. …Winter sales shopping!
5. The perfect month to watch Netflix in your onesie surrounded by blankets and leftover Christmas treats!
6. With Christmas over, make plans with friends and family! Like, actual plans. Actual dates in the diary.
7. The fresh, crisp, Winter air
8. It’s a new beginning
9. Time to buy a new planner – trip to Kikki.k anyone?!
10. The month to set goals and get motivated
11. A great time to embrace a hygge lifestyle
12. You can drink hot chocolate all the time – and warm up those hands!
13. The mornings start getting brighter
14. Cosy AF nights in
15. It’s time to do that thing you’ve always wanted to! New start and all!
16. Ed Sheeran released new music – fellow Suffolk lad!
17. I have a dog friendly London staycation planned with my best pal! Tomorrow in fact… Must pack…
18. I’m off to Paris next week too!
19. The possibilities of snow!
20. Those of us with fringes don’t get… a sweaty fringe!
21. It’s a clean slate
22. You can have all the candlelit baths ever. Did you know Lush just released their Valentines range?!
23. It’s Chinese New Year!
24. You can live in leggings and jumpers without judgement – because, everyone else is too!
25. It’s the perfect time to de-clutter and sort out the wardrobe!
26. It’s cold and we can wear layers and hats and scarves and coats!
27. You can spend the day wrapped in a blanket and only emerge for food
28. It’s time to crack on with your ‘to read’ list!
29. I don’t have to shave my legs. lol.
30. Going on Wintery dog walks is so magical and then you can wrap your pooch in blankets. LOVE.
31. Everything is so bloomin’ cosy and you can wear crazy fluffy socks

Do you love or hate January?! What is your favourite month of the year? Do you embrace Winter?
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