7 Ways To Have A Better Morning

Okay. We all love our bed. Especially on a Monday (hey Monday, how ya doin?) We love waking up and rolling over and falling back to sleep, or scrolling on our phones and basically; we just procrastinate the morning away. Something I love even better though is having a fabulously productive morning routine, getting things done and starting off the day right. I hate seeing the time and thinking I’ve wasted the morning, or not gotten up early enough – and whilst we are all allowed our duvet days; it’s important to develop habits for healthy morning – a better morning. What does your morning routine consist of?

There are 7 things I do to have a better morning;

Start early

Starting the day early also means finishing early too – who doesn’t want extra time at the end of the day, or even the middle of the day? I always find the earlier I start, the more motivated I am to get my daily tasks and work done quicker – I get in the zone! Mornings, for me are the most productive time of day. I’ve gotten into the habit of waking naturally at about 7:30, which works perfectly for me; I’m so glad I don’t have to set an alarm, no one wants that first thing. When it gets lighter out, I tend to rise as the sun does – come on earlier sunrises! Or, something I used to do that was a lot less invasive than an alarm was have a lets say, five song playlist that begun when I need to wake up. Start with a slow calm song, and build it up! By song three, I knew it was time to get outta bed; by song five, it was time to stop dancing around and get the day started! Much less stressful than time keeping!

Drink water

Bit of a boring one, but water literally helps everything. First off, I’m always bloomin’ thirsty when I wake up – GIMME A DRINK – but also, there’s a bunch of benefits to drinking water (throughout the day too, obv) first thing when you wake up. It rehydrates your body, makes you feel more refreshed and gives you more energy for the morning. Drinking water flushes out toxins, fires up your metabolism, fuels your brain and just feels fab when your mouth is dry AF! Yay for water!


Next up, it’s time to get moving. Now, you need to do whatever works for you – some like a gruelling gym session, a run, a class etc – for me, I simply walk my dog. It gets me up and about in the fresh air as well as giving my dog the morning exercise he needs! Seeing as he’s a pug, he will more than likely sleep the rest of the day after a morning walk (with a few spouts of cheekiness!) – more productivity from me! We walk for about an hour, and it just starts me off so nicely! I’ve been outdoors, soaked up nature, laughed at the hilarious things Rupert does, conversed with other dog walkers and of course, got my body moving! With my Chronic Fatigue, a gym session is currently not on the cards; adapt things to work for you – listen to your body and do as little or as much as it can manage!

Shower & get dressed

When you work from home or simply have a day off; it’s easy to want to avoid all your healthy morning habits and go back to bed, watch netflix and stay in your pjs all day. Whilst it’s okay to have those days (woo – love a duvet day), when your job is at home, or you need to get stuff done, it doesn’t really make your brain feel like it’s at work or ready to be productive. Having a shower is obviously going to keep you clean and hygienic, but it’s also a fab way to pamper and refresh. I instantly feel ready when I’ve had a shower and a good cleanse! Next up, time to get dressed. By dressed, I mean put a bra on. It’s easy enough to get into other pjs or comfies, but as long as I have a bra on, I feel dressed, no matter what I wear! My typical working from home uniform involves a baggy jumper and leggings – I’m dressed! It instantly tricks the mind into thinking it’s GO TIME! Of course; you can always dress up a bit more – wear whatever you fancy! A tip I picked up from my pal Hannah is to wear shoes when working from home / getting stuff done. It sounds odd, but it works a dream! You wouldn’t be at work with bare feet or socks now would you? I feel ‘on my toes’ and ready to work! Getting dressed is so important for a good morning! You won’t have the urge to get back into bed either!

Eat Breakfast

Once I’m dressed, it’s time to eat! I used to have breakfast first thing – in bed – but that just made me wanna lie down and go on my phone once I’d finished. Now, I eat after all of the above; I’ve been out, drunk loads of water, I’m up and dressed, and ready to eat breakfast at my desk – woo! Breakfast is so important; it provides you with the energy you need for the day, and, let’s face it, it’s tasty tasty and makes me wanna complete the above tasks quicker! Yup, motivation by food lols.


Planning out my day is absolutely essential. Some like to do this the night before; but I just found myself thinking about all the tasks and ‘to-do’s’ throughout the night. Now, I don’t think about what I have to do until the morning of said tasks. It allows me to see the timetable of my day in front of me; what I need to get done and how long it will take – if I have other things going on like a meeting or seeing friends or an appointment; I work around them and substitute the tasks! It’s really important to prioritise and be realistic; don’t write down a tonne of stuff to do only to not be able to do it and feel deflated afterwards – be realistic and if you do get done more that your priority list – you’ll feel amazing! Planning also makes sure I won’t forget any deadlines or tasks – making things a lot less rushed and stressful!

Put makeup on

Something I like to do to feel even more ready for the day is put makeup on. Now, if it’s a work from home day I will perhaps wear just a base, but if I’m filming or have other plans, I put my makeup on first. I used to put makeup on half an hour before I wanted it on; say I was going out for afternoon tea at half 2, I’d put it on at 2 – feeling rushed and a bit… meh. Now, if I know I’ll want makeup on; I always put it on in the morning. I’ll already be ready and I can get on with things right up until I need to leave. Makeup always starts with a base; and from a base we want to look radiant, flawless and fresh – as well as wanting a foundation that gives that bare-skin sensation, and won’t cake throughout the day. For that; I’m throwing it back to my early Youtube and Blogging days with the Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation (£9.99) and Concealer (£7.99). Since then though, things have changed – it already proved popular among the online beauty community, but now,  the new and improved formula of the Healthy Mix range has rekindled my love for it! It’s an anti-fatigue (thank goodness!), radiance boosting foundation that gives you a healthy complexion for up to 16 hours – hence why it’s amazing to put on first thing! With a unique blend of vitamins, it’s still the same much-loved foundation range – only better! The new and improved Healthy Mix Foundation has three new shades – one being No.50 Rose Ivory – my absolute perfect shade! It’s an even better colour match than before. The concealer has three shades; Light, Medium and Dark. It contains light-reflecting pigments for immediate radiance and an undetectable finish – no one will know what we’re hiding! Have you tried the new and improved Healthy Mix range?!

What do you do for a better morning? What’s your healthy morning routine? Will you be rekindling with/trying the Bourjois Healthy Mix range?

This post is sponsored by Bourjois; but all opinions and love for the product are my own!


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