How To Enjoy A Solo Valentines

This Valentines, my sister and I will actually be chilling at a Spa resort in the sun; her fiancé is away, and mine is… err… oh have you seen my dog he’s so precious! Basically, I wanted to put together a little post of things you can do solo come Feb 14th. It’s so easy to get jel on V day, there are couples and PDA’s everywhere and Facebook status’s from every direction; but love is love – accept it! The most important form of love is of course self love, your family, and obv your pals – don’t fret if you’re single; you’re loved every single day of the year and should project love 365 days too. So, I’ve thought up 5 little things to do for yourself this Valentines if you’re single, spending the day solo or your partner is away; not as a day to simply glorify romance, but as a day to celebrate love in general. Plus, having a day to reconnect with yourself and your friends can make you feel FAB.

Just an FYI, these don’t include ‘Boyfriend Bonfires’ (think that Friends episode) or moping about – these things are for us that don’t actually mind being single on Valentines day – it’s a celebration of love; shouldn’t we be able to celebrate the day too? OFC.


You don’t need anyone else to buy them for you. If you dream of receiving flowers; buy them yourself! It’s such a lovely little pick me up – whether you wanna go all fancy fancy with a special bunch or simply pop to your local farm shop and spend a fiver – it’s the easiest way to treat yourself. They brighten up your living space, make you feel like you have your sh*t together (anyone else?), and make an amaze instagram prop! I buy myself flowers every week; so maybe near the big day I’ll go all out with some beautiful blooms!


I can picture it now. Couples popping on Netflix and having some chill time, lol. Well, my single solo pals, switch on Netflix and actually chill. There’s nothing quite like having some time to yourself watching a good old rom com on Netflix with your dog. Or, binge watch a new show. I’ve just finished watching Santa Clarita Diet which btw was amazing; love me some Drew Barrymore! So I’m now on to Gilmore Girls – perfect! Get some snacks, get in your onesie and you even get to pick what you watch – score! Snuggle up with your pooch or a blanket and have some literal chill.


Treating yourself is so important every single day of the year; but, if you feel a bit ‘meh’, bloomin’ go on and buy the shoes. Buy the bracelet. Buy the bag. Whatever it is you’ve been lusting over, treat yourself to it! This of course doesn’t just have to be material items – treat yourself to a takeaway, go to the cinema, you get the drill! Treating yourself is one thing, it’s also an amazing feeling treating others; take your Mum out for cake, go shopping or for dinner and pay the bill, just perform random acts of kindness and spread love. I also plan to indulge on Valentines themed treats and chocolate if that’s cool.


Spend time with loved ones; friends and family alike. Organise a lil get together – I’m thinking DIY at home afternoon tea, board games, snacks, karaoke, movie night and ofc an old school sleepover! Be the one that actually plans it and puts it all together – it’s so much fun being a host and showing others how much they mean to you! Whenever my family and friends have games nights we buy a tonne of prizes – make the prizes extra special and ‘love’ themed! We usually stick to a fiver per gift – but it’s so much fun! Laughter roars through the house and what more could you really wish for on V day? Loved ones around you and fun being had (and food being eaten – best bit!)


Buy yourself a Lush Valentines treat; a bath bomb or bubble bar, run the bath and watch the bubbly goodness, get in and just relax. Me time is so important – you are with you for the rest of your life, look after yourself and treat yourself nicely! Light some candles, read, watch Youtube, close your eyes and just be. Then pop on some fresh pyjamas, make a hot chocolate and get in bed – read, flick through a magazine, watch your fave movie and paint your nails. I love a good pamper; what better day to have one of you’re going solo?!

Basically; Feb the 14th is just another day; but it’s a day where love is celebrated, and we all have love in our life in many different forms. I have my family, my friends, and the love of my life – a furry, wrinkly, snorey, curly-tailed little bubba called Rupert and he’s my absolute world! My little snuffly love bug… love pug.

If you look carefully; love actually, is all around. Lols, couldn’t resist. So tell them, show them, spread love and give lots of hugs. Love is free, kindness is free – show it.







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