How To Recharge And Prepare For The Week Ahead

Sundays for me are for family, friends, food, fun and me time. It’s also the best time to prep for the week ahead – there’s nothing worse than waking up on a Monday morning and you don’t know what’s first, what’s next, what you’re doing that week and realising you’re just not ready for the week. Preparation is key, rest is key, and recharging is key. I’ve always been one who loved to plan out my days – and it’s especially important when working from home to ensure I stay on top of things. If I don’t plan out my week, there’s a good chance something will get forgotten, or, I’ll participate in procrastinating my Sunday away! Oh hey Netflix; how ya doin? Basically, a Sunday well spent does bring a week of content.

There are five little things I like to do to recharge and prepare for the week ahead;

Plan and prioritize 

Hey, I’m Becca and I collect planners and notebooks. Okay, I love planning. I write everything down, plan everything and enjoy doing so! When it comes to weekly planning; I write down three lists; a general list of stuff I need to get done that week, I then rewrite that list in order of importance, then another list of tasks/events each day. Once I’ve written out daily plans, I insert appointments or meetings or events; then I can add time stamps. It’s best to plan your week according to any deadlines you may have so you make sure you give yourself enough time to complete what you need to. There’s nothing worse than rushing to finish something; that’s only gonna leave you feeling stressed and deflated – we don’t have time for that! It works so well for me and I feel in control and on top of things. I feel so overwhelmed with ‘to do’s’ when they’re just floating around in my head – writing it down allows you to visualise each day, what you have to do, and how it’s actually do-able and actually not that overwhelming – phew!

Recharge, literally

Not only is it important to rest and recharge your body and mind; but it’s essential in this day and age we recharge our daily devices ready to start the week with a full battery. When I think about it, I have to charge my phone, cameras (x3!), toothbrush, laptop, this, that, and everything else! If it gets to Monday and my cameras for example aren’t charged, I have to waste time waiting for them to be ready – nightmare when everything is set up and ready to go! Then, my phone. How often do we have to charge our phones each day? A lot. Especially if you work from your phone too. A lot of the time I’m on the go – what if there are no plug sockets on the train? Is it awkward to ask a waiter at lunch? Errrrr… pal can I use your electricity? Or, what if I wanna chill on my sofa during a break and scroll through Instagram but there’s no socket in sight? Portable chargers. Portable chargers are essential, especially for my full days in London! Meet the Samsung Evo Battery Pack – first off, how purrrrdy is this blush/rose gold shade?! So perfect. I can’t not have this charged. It’s essentially a portable battery charger for your phone – but trust me when I say – it’s way more than that. It can literally charge any device, and two at the same time – omg. If you need to charge your phone and a camera battery? It’s all good. If you and your pal are both in need of a phone charging session? Not a problem! Two ports! It’s ideal! It also has a kickstand cable which allows you to prop up your smartphone into position making it perfect for watching videos whilst it’s still charging – it’s a life saver for those long train journeys! It’s minimal, chic and will be a fab prop for those Instagram photos! I have to mention though – last week I got five full charges from it. Five. Full. Charges. Isn’t that insane?! It’s an absolute dream – it’s essential I charge this ready for the week ahead!

Tidy and organise

It’s so essential to me and my mood to have a tidy and organised living space. If my house is cluttered; my mind feels cluttered. Everything is in order and in it’s place – it keeps my mind at ease and allows me to get on with things during the week that don’t involve tidying. I of course tidy up after myself day to day; but I keep a set time at the weekend for a deep clean – dusting, washing, hoovering etc etc! It starts the week off fresh and means I don’t have to think about those jobs during the week! Cleaning and tidying is also really good at reducing stress levels – win!

Empty your inbox

It’s unlikely you’re gonna get any emails on a Sunday – maybe one from a Supermarket or a deal or a POF notification (lols), so it’s a great time to empty your inbox. It’s so refreshing to clear and declutter your mail – or, organise into categories so your primary emails don’t get clogged! If it’s not gonna be deleted; I’ll move the message into a category. For example – Campaigns, Orders and Receipts, Personal, Invites/Events, and Important Dates. It’s also important to check what email lists you’re in, if you want to unsubscribe from a newsletter or remove yourself from mass send outs! Start a fresh ready for Monday – you don’t wanna miss any important emails!

Look after yourself; ME TIME

Sunday evenings are all about ‘me time’. I love sitting in my living room in my comfies and painting my nails, after a bath OFC. I never used to be a bath person, but I love lighting candles, making bubbles and having a good old soak whilst listing to music. Here’s where another Samsung gem comes in to the mix. Another newly launched accessory is the Scoop Speaker – something that has totally changed my music listening habits! It’s splash resistant so perfect for the bathroom; but it’s also small, lightweight, cute, compact and totally wireless – meaning you can play music literally anywhere. The speaker looks like a beautiful interior design product; the whole Samsung range looks like it belongs on a dreamy interiors Pinterest board! The sound is crisp AF, and the battery lasts an amazing NINE hours – having a garden party? Perfect. Need music during sleep? Ideal. You can take it anywhere and everywhere with you; your music can literally be kept in your pocket! It’s nice as well during your Sunday evening me time to not be looking at a screen, and to be relaxed with music as well. I love to unwind and prep for the week by doing a face mask, pampering, reading and planning; all whilst listening to music easily.

What do you do to recharge after a busy week? How do you plan for the week ahead?

This post is sponsored by Samsung; but all options are my own!




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