9 Things To Remind Yourself Everyday

Oh look. Another post from someone (me) telling you things to remind yourself of everyday, you only live once and life is fab and such – but the thing is; sometimes it’s easy to slip into a daily struggle, a routine of nothingness, self comparison, self doubt, negativity and that overwhelming feeling of ‘am I good enough? What am I even doing?’ Well. Answer is, you absolutely are good enough, and here are 12 daily reminders I’d love you to remember for those particularly shitty days – or, just general prompts to help you understand things, or point you in a better direction.

The past cannot be changed
The past is one of the only things in life that can’t be edited, it can’t be erased and it can rarely be forgotten. Yup, awful things happened when you were younger – but each hardship is a lesson and each lesson gives you the chance for you to grow. You may have made a mistake a few weeks ago or did something you regret, but yesterday is in the past and today is a new day – don’t ever dwell on your mistakes. You’re only human and shit happens. Begin again!

Kindness is free
It costs absolutely nothing to be nice; choose kindness and as my old pal Ellen says – ‘be kind to one another’ – it’s that simple. 

Smiles are contagious
I remember seeing a poster in a classroom at school that read ‘attitudes are infectious, make yours worth catching’ – and it stuck with me ever since. If you smile at someone, chances are they’ll smile back, and you’ll share a lovely little moment. Just like if someone smiles at you; you feel inclined to return a grin. It’s like when a parent watches their kid’s smiling at Disneyland and they can’t help but match their expressions; I love seeing someone smile or laugh at something – I can’t help but smile too!

Everyone’s journey is different
I tweeted something the other day that really made sense to a lot of my followers. ‘Don’t compare your life to others. There’s no comparison between the sun and the moon. They shine when it’s their time to’. You absolutely can’t compare how you are or how your life is going to someone else’s – remember that people only show you what they want you to see. Social media is an absolute no-go if you feel low – you’ll start seeing perfect images of perfect lives – but remember – we all choose to click ‘publish’, we know exactly what we are and aren’t sharing with the world. Everyone’s behind the scenes is different, you may be on your chapter 1 and them on their chapter 27, etc etc – just do the very best you can, and strive to be the best you possible. I have life-long illnesses that I struggle with daily – I’ve accepted that I’ll never be able to do certain things or be a certain way – but I do my best with what life has thrown at me – you do you girl!

Positive thoughts create positive things
Try it – they really do!

You only fail if you quit
It’s as simple as that – look at it this way; every time you try, you have the potential and the opportunity to succeed – if you don’t do it that time, you can learn why not, and how you can go about things next time. If you just point black don’t try – obv your going to fail, there’s no other outcome! You may as well try and learn, all with the chance of success!

Overthinking leads to negativity
We all overthink things. Make things bigger or worse than they actually are. It’s so easily done but a huge waste of time – it will keep any problem a problem, which will keep you stuck inside the same problem until you’re able to stop thinking about it. Over-thinking leads you to begin second guessing yourself and creates self-doubt, as well as making  you worry, and worry is nothing more than your imagination coming up with a negative outcome. It makes you ask ‘what if’, and makes you question yourself. Overthinking can’t do any good, so… let’s try not to, deal?!

Opinions don’t define your reality
Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact. Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth. People will talk. No matter what you do or say, how you behave, the way you walk or dress, how you act, or the decisions you make, we will always be scrutinized by others. We allow other people’s opinions to not only hurt us, but often at times, to define us. In a world of likes and favourites, we often start to define our self-worth by an approval rating from others. We allow other peoples opinions or what they think about us to influence how we feel about ourselves. Huh?! How does that make sense?! They don’t know your journey, where you’ve been or where you’re heading. You know you, and your opinion of yourself is the one you should listen to. You’ll never please everyone with your choices – as long as you’re pleasing yourself! One of my favourite quotes by Eleanor Roosevelt rings so true – ‘Do what you feel in your heart to be right – for you’ll be criticized anyway. You’ll be damned if you do, and damned if you don’t.’

What goes around, comes around
Karma, y’all!


What are some of your favourite daily reminders? What do you think is important to remember?


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