Getting Personal With Links Of London & The Little Reminders On My Wrist

When thinking of personalised jewellery and charm bracelets; there’s really only one brand that springs to mind – Links Of London. I remember as a little’un always asking my Sister to look at her bracelet and admire the charms – and think of why she had the ones she did. As she was young herself, the charms were typically gifts from family on Birthdays, Christmas, and to mark special occasions. Over the years she built up a whole bracelet of memories and it’s one of her most precious keepsakes; full of stories and reminders of special times – something that will last forever. It was something that was brought out to wear on special occasions and became full to the brim of little memories!

When I heard about Links Of London redefining their Sweetie bracelet; I was so excited to be a part of it. The memories of me admiring my Sister’s came flooding back! The iconic Links Of London Sweetie bracelet has become a staple piece of jewellery for women of all different ages, backgrounds, professions and styles. If you’re familiar with the brand, you may recall the Sweetie bracelet was first introduced about 15 years ago; so whether this is an introduction to the concept of charm bracelets or a blast from the past to those that already have one – I wanted to share mine with you. The perfect jewellery piece to evoke memories and act as a reminder on your wrist for years to come.

The Sweetie can of course be worn as it comes; or with the addition of charms – which you can of course purchase at the same time, or, collect and add to the bracelet over the years – you simply thread them on to the split rings at multiple points on the bracelet. It’s such a perfect gift to yourself or someone special; and you can help add memories to their collection when a special occasion rolls by. You can now also personalise the bracelet by adding different coloured rings and beads; in silver, gold and rose gold using the bracelet builder! The Sweetie is also available in three different sizes – I decided to go with the original Sweetie Sterling Silver Charm Bracelet, but the dainty smaller version is just stunning too!

I chose to start mine with three charms. Three things to act as reminders for me day to day; a birdcage (complete with a tiny gold bird), a feather, and a wishbone.

For many – like my Sister – it’s a jewellery piece full of memories, with charms to mark special occasions. Seeing as I’m 22 and this is my first charm bracelet, I could easily fill it with charms to mark special occasions throughout my life already. Though with the knowing I have stories and memories stored in other ways; I wanted my Sweetie and its charms to act as little reminders and important representations that are personal to me.

So; my chosen charms. Some may be surprised that the most important thing in my life isn’t represented – my bundle of joy and snuffles; my little pug Rupert. If you know me, you’ll know that I don’t need a reminder of him at all; I only need to look beside me and he’s there, look down and he’s on my lap, or simply listen and can hear him snoring! My three charms are there because they are things often forgotten, and things that are personal to me to remember – I mean, as I type Rupert’s laying across my desk! He’s my biggest reminder to smile, laugh, love and many other things! See 20 things my dog has taught me here.

Without getting too personal (or deep!); here’s why I chose my three charms…


I absolutely love the detail of this charm; the silver birdcage actually has a tiny locked door, that you can open to reveal a little gold bird. The fact that it opens is so important to its meaning. The bird cage indicates our ability to be unbounded and independent from an outside influence, from anything or anyone else control – life with no restrictions, live as you want, say what you want and do as you want. It represents freedom and the ability to escape; to not feel caged in, trapped or living with limits. It’s a reminder to live freely, that I am free – I actually have a ‘free’ tattoo on my arm; to mark the end of a time I’d rather forget – a reminder that you can escape anything; you can fly freely from the cage.


A feather can symbolise so much for many people. Primarily; I think of it as a symbol or a sign from someone that’s passed – people often come across feathers as little hello from lost loved ones, a sign from angels – feathers were worn by Native American Chiefs to symbolise their communication with Spirits. For me; I’ve actually always seen flower petals in times when I need a little hope! A few years ago, I was taught what each part of a feather means;

  • the tip represents our adulthood
  • the veins represent the days of our lives and the choices we make
  • the (for lack of a better words!) fluff at the bottom represents our infancy and our beginning
  • the quill represents our inner strength and the path we are on
  • the two halves of the feather represent male or female, good or bad, right or wrong, etc

It gives me the reminder to stay focused on my path, to consciously think of my choices, to evaluate my current path and plan ahead for my future.


The wishbone is a symbol of good luck. When participating in the wishbone tradition at Thanksgiving, two people tug on either ends of the bone (I’ve never played it!), and whoever ends up with the longer piece, is said to have their wish granted. For me; it acts as a reminder that as much as we want to believe in good luck, Success is about thoughts, focused attention and action – it’s about the work we put in, and the things we do. Life doesn’t get better by chance, it gets better by change. Also referring back to the Thanksgiving tradition; the winner often gives their piece (their luck, if you will), to someone else – so it’s also a little reminder to help others, share the love and give what you can.

So whether you want or have a charm bracelet to collect memories or to act as reminders; it’s a beautiful timeless jewellery piece that will last a lifetime. I can’t wait to add more symbols and reminders to my Sweetie bracelet – here are a few more of my favourites!


Do you have a charm bracelet? Which charms would you choose? Take a look here!


This post is in collaboration with Links Of London and The Blogger Programme


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