What To Wear When It’s Hot AF: 35 Dresses Under £35

The British Summer can be extremely unpredictable; grey skies and rain one minute – and a heatwave the next. Last week here in the UK we well and truly experienced a heatwave. It was hot AF. I spent my mornings in my towel post-shower and sat nakey in front of my fan – it was glorious.

What happens though when it’s time to get dressed? When all you want is to remain nude and in front of a breeze? Unfortunately (well, maybe fortunately on my behalf) it is illegal to stroll around baring all – even in the blazing sun. I’ve put together a shoppable selection of 35 dresses under £35 ready for those days when a dress is the only thing we can wear in the heat! I’m talking little sundresses, loose floaty numbers, bardots, you name it! It’s safe to say, dresses are the only thing I wear when the weather passes 20 degrees!

Here are my favourite finds! 35 perfect Summer dresses all for under £35 – woo!

What do you wear when it’s hot AF? What’s your fave from my finds?!


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