5 Things To Make You Feel A Little Brighter

Life doesn’t always have you stepping to twinkly music – it’s easy to shut yourself off and get stuck in a rut. I’m always on the hunt for things and ways to improve my mood and feel uplifted. It’s not easy being upbeat when life’s little bumps can easily send your mood downhill and your stress levels flying high; but with a few simple changes in your daily routine you can feel brighter and improve your attitude – and while some factors that affect happiness might be outside of our control, there are always little actions we can take to make it happen. To smile wider, be more satisfied with life, and feel altogether better and brighter —both now and in the future—try introducing any (or all!) of these little things into your life.

Here are five things you can easily introduce into your daily life to make you feel that little bit brighter! They certainly make me feel calmer and like I have an upbeat tune playing in the background!

Smile more (advertorial content)

First things first and possibly the easiest and simplest one – smile more! Just grin from ear to ear! Our facial expressions have the ability to influence our mood and by choosing to smile, happy changes start to occur automatically – great power lies in a random smile! Smiling instantly improves our happiness and, can brighten someone else’s day too! I generally just smile a lot, and seem to smile at anyone who crosses my path, and they usually feel the need to smile back – smiles are contagious after all! I often hear ‘oh wow, you’re happy!’ and in turn, it makes them happy too!

To ensure I have my brightest smile possible, let me introduce you to my good pal from Sensodyne; Pronamel Strong & Bright Enamel. With twice daily brushing, it helps strengthen enamel for healthy white teeth, as well as polishing away surface stains for a whiter and brighter smile! (vs. Pronamel Daily Protection) Pronamel Strong & Bright Enamel has a unique formulation that delivers minerals to actively help to strengthen your enamel – so that means brighter smiles all round! Enamel is the vital layer of protection for your teeth and keeping it strong is so important. Our oral health habits and diet choices can wear away the white, mineral rich protective layer covering our teeth. Over time, enamel wear may lead to exposed dentine, which can make teeth appear yellow and dull in colour. This makes enamel the essential foundation for a healthy white, bright smile – white teeth should start with strong enamel!

Enamel wear is caused by frequently eating and drinking acidic food and drink, such as fruit juice, fizzy drinks and even things like salad dressings – but if your enamel is protected every day, then there’s no reason why you can’t occasionally enjoy acidic foods and drinks as part of a balanced diet, and still have healthy white enamel! It’s important that you start protecting your enamel as soon as possible to help stop enamel wear getting any worse as once enamel is gone, it’s gone forever – it can really affect your smile! If your enamel is going to stand up to life’s challenges – today and well in to the future, then you need to take care of it! You can help protect your teeth against the effects of enamel wear by using a toothpaste that is high in fluoride to help keep enamel strong. The Pronamel Strong & Bright Enamel toothpaste makes my mouth feel clean, fresh, more confident, and as a result, makes me show off my smile more! Not only does it provide you with all the usual benefits you would expect from your daily toothpaste such as helping to maintain healthy teeth, fight cavities and clean and freshen your mouth, it does all that amazing work to our enamel! 

You can pick up Sensodyne Pronamel Strong & Bright Enamel toothpaste here or at your local Boots.

Pay attention to compliments – and give them out!

I absolutely love giving out compliments – it takes no time at all and whether it’s commenting on how amazing someone looks in their latest instagram post, or how much I admire somebody, how well someone is doing lately, or complimenting someones outfit or makeup on the tube – I always share a positive thought with that person! It just comes naturally and makes that person feel better, as well as making me feel more positive by spreading a little positivity! Now, I don’t know about you, but receiving a compliment doesn’t come as naturally – in the moment it can feel a little awkward – but it’s so important to hold on to them and remember what someone said to you when you don’t feel so chipper! People with insecurities of any sorts will often dismiss compliments or ignore them – we are all guilty of this! It may not match up with the view you have of yourself so it must be nonsense, right? WRONG. Begin to write down every single compliment you get, whether it be “great work”, “your advice really helped”, “that was funny”, or “your makeup is amazing!”, “you look nice”. By writing them down you’ll be forcing yourself to pay attention to the compliments and will make you look at yourself in a more positive way! Just think about how good you feel when you give someone a compliment – feel that same way when receiving one! It’s a win win situation and can brighten their day, as well as yours!

Bright, open workspace

This one’s a pretty simple one – make your workspace bright and open. It sets you off with a clear and uncluttered headspace ready to work in an efficient way. Seeing as I work from home, I ensured my home office is minimal, spacious and tidy – tidy desk = tidy mind! I chose my office room by the size of the window – it allows the most light in and shines nicely on my desk. Working (or just being) in a dark, cluttered space would just lower my mood, whereas having actual light shine in to an airy space, really brightens my mood! No matter where your workspace is, work with what you have to make it a happy place to be!

Make plans & organise

Regarding making plans, I’m referring to both sorts; planning a trip to Nando’s with the pals, and planning/prioritising the next few days/weeks/months etc – both are equally important in brightening your mood! Okay, I love planning. I write everything down, plan everything and enjoy doing so! When it comes to weekly planning I write down three lists; a general list of stuff I need to get done that week, I then rewrite that list in order of importance, then another list of tasks/events each day. Once I’ve written out daily plans, I insert appointments or meetings or events; then I can add time stamps. It’s best to plan your week according to any deadlines you may have so you make sure you give yourself enough time to complete what you need to. There’s nothing worse than rushing to finish something; that’s only gonna leave you feeling stressed and deflated – we don’t have time for that! It works so well for me and I feel in control and on top of things. I feel so overwhelmed with ‘to do’s’ when they’re just floating around in my head – writing it down allows you to visualise each day, what you have to do, and how it’s actually do-able and actually not that overwhelming – phew! Then the other type of plans; days out, evenings with friends and all that good stuff! It instantly brightens my day when I make future plans – I love nothing more than arranging something with family or friends and having something to look forward to! It doesn’t have to be anything major, as mentioned, I get excited when I know a meal out is coming up, brunch with friends, bingo on a Saturday eve (don’t knock it, it’s FAB!), a movie night in with a takeaway, a planned dog walk with dog pals – I love having plans to look forward to! If you’re having a tough week, all you need to do is turn your head to the calendar and see that in a few days time, you have something fun planned!

Switch off and enjoy the fresh air

This is something I’ve been doing more and more of lately. It started off by leaving my phone at home when I walk my little pug Rupert; it made for a much better walk! I now end up really taking in the outside air and my surroundings, playing with my dog and losing track of time – exploring places I’ve never been and talking with people IRL! I now switch off at home too – read a book, write notes, draw, create, get inspired etc! It also makes quality time with loved ones much more meaningful – it’s so important to actually be in the moment with the person or people (or dog!) you’re in front of. Not everything needs to be tweeted, shared or recorded – just be! I feel so much better for it!

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What makes you feel brighter?! What are the simple things you do to feel better and brighter?!

Will you be introducing any of these five things into your daily routine?

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