3 Things I Want To Do Before Summer Ends

Now that the skies are blue and the sun is shining – well, sometimes – it’s time to get our Summer to-do lists under way! When a new season approaches, I always like to think of some goals or things I’d like to do during the next few months and what I need to achieve them! Amazon is introducing their #NowItsSummer store; a shopping destination curated specifically for our Summer needs – full of inspiration for your perfect Summer days! From feel-good Summer reads, to everything you’ll need to host a BBQ, to inflatables for the pool – all the essentials are covered!

Now it’s Summer, what are you looking to do? Here are three things I’ll be doing with the help of Amazon! All of which are outdoors, so fingers crossed for clear skies!

Alfresco dining

I absolutely love being outside during the Summer months, specifically, eating outside. Having a big group of family and friends over or going to someone else’s outdoor shindig, it’s one of my favourite things to do – garden parties, picnics, BBQ’s, bonfires, you name it! Thus far I’ve experienced about five, which is pretty good going! Whatever type of do it is, you’ll need tableware.

It’s always fun to make your own drinks, and this jug and tumbler set is made of sturdy, lightweight acrylic, so it’s ideal for picnics, garden parties or when you just have a few people over! You get four cups and a jug, and the tumblers stack inside the jug to save space, which is ideal for travel, and it has a lid so you can chill drinks for later. On this particular occasion I brought the set up to Oxford ready for a picnic – it was so easy to bring along with me!

Whether you’re looking for outdoor furniture, a hanging egg chair (YES PLEASE!), a grill or picnic-ware; Amazon have an amazing outdoor dining section for you to get inspired! 

Fun and games with Rupert!

As you all know, my number one in life is my little pug Rupert. He comes everywhere with me and I just love to see him frolicking and having fun, just being a dog. As much as he enjoys the finer things in life; travel, fine dining, basically being a little furry human – he is as happy as can be with a good old game of fetch.

If your dog loves fetch, they’ll LOVE the iFetch. It can take a little bit of training, but in time, they’ll learn how to use this all by themselves and you can sit back and watch the fun! It’s basically an automatic ball launcher – pop the ball in, wait, and FETCH. There are a few different products available so all dogs are catered for, but the original iFetch was ideal for Rupert (a standard pug) and one of his pals Teddy (a toy poodle). It’s suitable for play indoors too just incase the typical British (rainy) Summer occurs!

I absolutely love playing with my pup, and the iFetch is fab because you can still play with them – by simply popping the ball into the top and watching it shoot out! Rupert spent a while bringing the ball back to me instead of putting the ball back in himself, but he soon learnt! It was such a joy to watch him understand and figure out what was going on! Dogs are so bloomin’ smart!

It’s a great way to teach your dog and help them learn the principals of recall and fetch! The iFetch launches one ball at a time and has the option to throw balls 10, 20 or 30 feet, depending on the size of the area you’re playing in. It can be powered through directly plugging into the wall or inserting 6 C Batteries. The iFetch lasts 30 hours non-stop on batteries – it will outlast you and your dog for sure! I love browsing online for fun and games for Rupert – and on Amazon it’s all in one place!

Staying active

When the mornings are lighter, it’s the perfect time to take up running. I’m not yet in the stage of ‘WOO it’s 7am let’s go for a run!’ but the warmer and brighter mornings do make it easier! I can’t imagine starting in the Autumn/Winter, when the only thing getting me out of bed would be going downstairs to get a hot chocolate to take back to bed… So, now is a good time!

It’s said the whole ‘it takes 21 days for something to become habitual’ is a myth – but it’s a good place to start! On average, it takes a little over two months (apparently 66 days) before a new behaviour becomes automatic – science eh?! It all of course depends on everyones individual circumstances, surroundings and aids! Whilst browsing the fitness section on Amazon, I was trying to think what would further encourage me to run, and what would make it more enjoyable – MUSIC.

I came across these wireless bluetooth earphones – meaning you can listen to the music from your phone without a wire in the way – yay! The bluetooth allows you to enjoy wireless music up to 30 feet away with strong signal, and despite a lot of movement, the earphones don’t fall out! The extra long built-in battery provides up to 5 hours of playing time from a 2 hour charge, so you can spend less time charging and more time using – basically, there’s no excuse to not run! Or use the ‘oh I’ll stop now, my earphones have run out of battery’, nope – they’ll outlast you! Well, they do me anyway! Running in time to music is just fab! What are your fave songs to run to?

Whatever it is you want to do #NowItsSummer, Amazon will help you with all that you need! With a wide range of categories from gardening, dining and home to pets, pools, and fitness you’ll be able to find exactly what it is that you need, or even get inspired to try something you hadn’t thought of this Summer!

What are your goals this Summer? What will you need to help achieve them? I’m off to browse Amazon to get even more inspo!

This post is in collaboration with Amazon.


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