Learning How To Slow Down

Nearly all of us live life in the fast lane. The older we get, the more stressful and fast paced things become; it seems like each week, each year, flies past even quicker than the last. I tend to dedicate my Sunday’s to ‘slow down’ time – it’s so important to actually put aside some time to just ‘be’ – no rushing, no running around and hopefully, no stress.

Here are five ways I enjoy my Sunday Slow Down:

Take Your Time In The Morning
As much as I love a productive morning; setting an alarm, getting up, running around the house and getting stuff done – Sunday’s are the exception. On Sunday’s the alarm is no longer my best pal, I let my body and mind wake up naturally (and slowly), to allow myself to begin my Sunday in a calm and refreshed manner. There’s no rushing to get ready and out the door, no schedules or plans, just the present moment.

Sunday’s are probably the only day where we can actually stay in bed, remain snuggled in duvets and blankets cuddled up with my dog (until he realises it’s time for breakfast) and staying cosy – the absolute best feeling during these colder darker mornings – and actually see the sunlight come creeping in.

So, once you decide to leave your nest,  make yourself a drink, check in with yourself and take time to reflect – give yourself the opportunity to just ‘be’ on a Sunday morning. It’s easy to feel run down and low on batteries; I often compare how I feel with charging your phone overnight, checking it in the morning to see it’s still only on 2% (the modern day nightmare, right?!) – so give yourself time to recharge properly.

Me Time
The most obvious Sunday rule of all. Have a bit of me time. Self-care Sunday and all that good stuff. Time dedicated to yourself; run a bath, read, write, paint your nails, pamper yourself, treat yourself – there are so many different forms of me time, because there are so many different you’s. Whatever YOU like to do during time for yourself, make sure you give yourself that opportunity.

Sunday evenings are usually my  ‘me time’. I love sitting in my living room in my comfies and painting my nails (whilst watching Grey’s Anatomy) after that bath I mentioned, OBV. I never used to be a bath person, but I love lighting candles, making bubbles and having a good old soak – thinking about absolutely nothing – love it.

WE Time
Following on from ‘me time’, I never have a Sunday without ‘we time’. I think it’s something we often forget the importance of. It wouldn’t be a Sunday for me if I didn’t see the people I care about. Life is great at limiting the time we have to spend with our people – each and every person has commitments, work, events and such, meaning we often get pulled in different directions. We make Sunday’s our days for ‘we time’ – and you know what else Sunday’s are for? FOOD. We take cheeseboards very seriously in our family, so I’m so excited to be teaming up with Président Cheese to spread not only Camembert Créme but also the importance of ‘we time’!

If like my family you’ve spent time in France, you’ll know all about that relaxed ‘French good life’ – we enjoy experiencing it every Sunday by making it a staple part of our week – and you’ll also know just how delicious French Brie is! It’s one of my favourite parts of the week; our laid back afternoons coming together and chatting memories and making new ones, all whilst sharing our favourite indulgence cozied up together! For us, Président is at the centre of our Sunday afternoons, helping us to feel the escape from life daily pressures and the hustle and bustle, reminding us of our relaxed times in France and bringing a bit of that ‘French Good Life’ to our living room.

Président is our absolute go-to; not only is it affordable and accessible but it’s the absolute epitome of France, with their extensive range of France’s best cheeses. My favourites have to be their Brie and their Emmental – I always reach for those first!

So whilst me-time is extremely important, its essential to also factor in we-time where you can! Keep making those memories and sharing special little moments.

Have you ever tried anything from Président? What takes your fancy?

Get Moving & Get Outside

This obviously isn’t just a Sunday thing, it’s a daily thing, I just spend more time on it on a Sunday. Now, you need to do whatever works for you – some like a gruelling gym session, a run, a class etc – for me, I simply walk my dog. It’s one of my absolute favourite things to do. It gets me up and about in the fresh air as well as giving my Rupert the exercise he needs!

Seeing as he’s a pug, he will more than likely sleep the rest of the day after a after his stroll (he has his own Sunday routine!) On Sunday’s we walk longer than usual and typically in a nearby woodland – I pick up a hot chocolate from the forest cafe to keep warm and then we are usually joined half way by my parents (then we go back to theirs for that afternoon indulgence!) – It’s a perfect Sunday habit; I’ve been outdoors, soaked up nature, laughed at the hilarious things Rupert does, conversed with other dog walkers and of course, got my body moving! With my Chronic Fatigue, a gym session is currently not on the cards; adapt things to work for you – listen to your body and do as little or as much as it can manage!

Plan & Organise
After the perfect Sunday, I like to think about the week ahead – I like to try and continue the  ‘slow down’ mind set throughout the week and write everything down to avoid those last minute stresses.

When it comes to weekly planning; I write down three lists; a general list of stuff I need to get done that week, I then rewrite that list in order of importance, then another list of tasks/events each day. Once I’ve written out daily plans, I insert appointments or meetings or events; then I can add time stamps. It’s best to plan your week according to any deadlines you may have so you make sure you give yourself enough time to complete what you need to. There’s nothing worse than rushing to finish something; that’s only gonna leave you feeling stressed and deflated – we don’t have time for that! It works so well for me and I feel in control and on top of things. I feel so overwhelmed with ‘to do’s’ when they’re just floating around in my head – writing it down allows you to visualise each day, what you have to do, and how it’s actually do-able and actually not that overwhelming – phew!

So basically, let’s try living in the slow lane and see where that takes us – even if just one day a week!

Do you set aside time to slow down? What are your Sunday routines?

Thank you so much to Président UK for sponsoring this blog post – as always, all opinions and love of cheese are my own.


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