The Morning Routine Of Rupert The Pug

We all know that my one true love in life is my little three year old Pug, Rupert. Dogs are basically our furry children, and their health and hygiene is of upmost importance – and obviously just the dogs themselves are our priorities. We show our dogs we love them by cuddles, walkies, food, chats, more cuddles and bringing them along everywhere we go, amongst many other things – but also in making sure they’re getting the right care and nutrition to feel their absolute best – and we want nothing more than our dogs to feel their best good boy self, right?!

All dogs have their own routines, pamper necessities and morning rituals, so I wanted to show you Rupert’s! Pugs require quite the daily pamper sesh, as well as certain things we should do weekly and monthly like nail clipping, paw balm baths – and Rupert LOVES a good bath. Though on the daily, we have our little routine knuckled down quite well!

First things first; getting out of bed. This is probably Rupert’s least fave thing to ever happen… until he remembers each morning that waking up means breakfast time! He has to have his breakfast as the FIRST thing he does – trust me, if I try and do ANYTHING else first he will just look at me like I’ve insulted his ancestors. Following that; he waits by the back door to do his morning toilet visit to the garden.

I then make my breakfast, and when I sit down to eat, he knows what’s coming. It’s DentaStix time! DentaStix by Pedigree are an ideal morning treat (remember, a treat!) with the unique X shape and special texture they help to reduce the build-up of tartar, provide essential nutrients, as well as keeping Rupert’s breath fresh – and he absolutely LOVES them! It’s extremely important to keep on top of your dogs dental care – and whilst it’s best to manually brush their teeth on the daily (we use a toothbrush and paste weekly), it can sometimes be a little difficult or seem ‘alien’ to them if they’re not used it – dogs will never say no to a daily DentaStix; the perfect alternative for your pooch.

Canine oral hygiene is highly important for your pets wellbeing, and it can be a real problem if your dogs teeth are not cared for properly. Pedigree’s research shows that 4 out of 5 dogs over the age of 3 years have gum disease, which can obviously cause pain and discomfort for your pooch, and none of us want that! For more info on dog dental care, check out these tips by Pedigree!

Following on from that, we move on to his next oral hygiene step – teeth wipes! These just make sure there’s no food in his teeth, further clean, and add freshness!

On to the (fragrance free!) baby wipes. This isn’t a necessary step for many dog breeds, but absolutely ESSENTIAL for pugs – multiple times a day. Its extremely vital to clean their eyes, wrinkles and ears to avoid getting health issues in the future!

Then one of our absolute favourite steps – brushing! I often get asked if pugs shed; and my answer to that is always ‘take a look at my clothes’ – yes, they shed. A LOT. Rupert leaves his – what I like to call ‘Pug glitter’ – EVERYWHERE. So, in order to keep it as minimal as possible, I give him a daily brush in the morning and my goodness he loves it.

Then with a quick spritz of doggy deodorant, he’s ready to start the day off with his morning walk (one of our FAVE parts of the day!) – and if you know pugs, that’s usually followed by a nice long snuggly nap! Oh, to be a dog!

This post is a collaboration with Pedigree, but all thoughts are my own. For additional dental care information you can read the following Pedigree Reviews article for tips and advice.




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